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  1. Killer_Van

    Speed of the battlers Victor-Engine animated battle

    Is there a way to set the movement speed of a battler through the notebox of the actor? Similar to the <melee: n> of the Galv's animated battler system. Thanks in advance
  2. Killer_Van

    Help with deleting bitmaps

    i'm trying to write a script and i created a method: def Cache.generate_bitmap(filename) base_bitmap = Cache.battler(filename, 0) end What if i want to delete that bitmap from Cache? Sorry i'm a noob
  3. Killer_Van

    How can i rotate a Bitmap?

    For a project I need to overlap a lot of bitmaps, and a few of them should be rotated. I found that there is a method call 'angle' to rotate sprite, but for the bitmap? The picture will never appear on the screen, another script will use that to animate a character. I thought that in the...
  4. Killer_Van

    4 Armor Pieces

    Do you know the 4 armor piecies of minecraft? is it possible to change the 2 (head, body) armor pieces that are in Rpg Maker into 4 (head, body, pants, shoes)? How can i change the equips array like that (0=weapon, 1=shield, 2=head, 3=body, 4=pants, 5=shoes, 6=accessory)? And also in the game...
  5. Killer_Van

    Visual Battlers with Dynamic Equip

    i'm trying to write a script that change the sprite of the animated battler wearing him with their equipment i took the Galv's animated battler script and i modified it like that: 1- I created a method that assign to the equipment a different png for each actor. class RPG::EquipItem def...

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