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  1. AndracoDragons

    [RMMV] Choice window in the wrong place at the right time

    This looks exactly like what I need unfortently the plug in refuses to work. Its probably a conflict with yanfly message script. I decided to just make the choices text smaller so it doesn't overlap. I appreciate the help though.
  2. AndracoDragons

    [RMMV] Choice window in the wrong place at the right time

    They are Hiddenones Hine Sprites here is a link. Here is a link to them.
  3. AndracoDragons

    [RMMV] Choice window in the wrong place at the right time

    So the choice window that pops up when you have a player make a choice is in the way. or i guess you could say the name box is in the way. I have tried moving the text window around and I unfortunately can not find a way to move the choice window around. Here are some pictures to illustrate my...
  4. AndracoDragons

    [RMMV] Issues with text.

    I appreciate the help but I have not been able to fix it. I have decided that this is just something I'll have to live with until I come across a solution
  5. AndracoDragons

    [RMMV] Issues with text.

    As you can see part of the border of my text on the left side of the windows are cut off. I am assuming that it is due to the font I am using. To be honest I am tired of looking at fonts and I am hoping that there is a simple fix. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  6. AndracoDragons

    [RMMV] How do I change terms that are not available for change in the 'terms database' SOLVED

    Maker: RPg Maker MV Version: 1.6.2 Hello everyone I am just looking to how to change terms that you cant change through the terms database. Specificly I mean these terms. If anyone knows of a plug in or if its in the core plug ins so I can change it there that would be appreciated. I dont...
  7. AndracoDragons

    RMMV Actualiztion A game where humanity finds their place among the stars on earth

    SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Aliens Sample Towns This is a Work in progress and more will be added as the game grows. Credits hidden one pandamaru Joe P whtdragon bokou indrah Ayene-chan Dragoonwys Ganamoda Iliketeas mlogan samkfj sarah_yt Shua SF P.S.
  8. AndracoDragons

    I need a Permanent Separate window.

    Thanks i got it working with your help Would you like me to use "MeowFace" to credit you or is there something else you would prefer? (this isn't for a commercial game just a free one)
  9. AndracoDragons

    I need a Permanent Separate window.

    I mean permanent in context to when other events are happening. I also need it to show Actor 1's face, because that is what is changing and i need the changes to be visible through out the process. For what you discribed, i would do create the box and then instead of ...
  10. AndracoDragons

    I need a Permanent Separate window.

     Okay i need some help. I need a script that will make a window that shows actor ones face. Now i could just use the show picture option in the event menu but its not that simple. What I need it to do is to show Actor 1's as it currently is in that window. Even when that is changed with the...
  11. AndracoDragons

    Character Sprite sheet size question.

    thanks i appreciate it, now to throw myself into another couple hours of Gimp lol.
  12. AndracoDragons

    Character Sprite sheet size question.

    Hello everyone and i hope i am in the right spot for this but i need some information. So here is a little bit of backstory, I was working on my event based character creation and i thought "Hey! lets make this easy!" so i put all the possible faces on their own giant sheet, and all the possible...
  13. AndracoDragons

    House building in games

    Hello everybody I need some scripting help. I need a script or a way to event a way where the character in game can create a house on a set lot. im not exactly sure what information you might need so just ask away and ill edit this post to include it.
  14. AndracoDragons

    End of Event Causes Walk Animation To Not Work

    There we go thank you very very much shaz i didnt relize i had that on after i got rid of that it worked splendidly talk about a noob mistake lol 
  15. AndracoDragons

    End of Event Causes Walk Animation To Not Work

    Hello everybody so i am haveing trouble with my creation event its very long and involved (for me). Now i am trying to figure out a bug when the event ends the player is stuck in a standing animation not allowing the walk animation to show. Here is the screen shots of the event. So does anybody...
  16. AndracoDragons

    Basic Real Time (System Time)

    Would it be possible to add Day/Night capability to this script? I really want a real time clock but i also want day and night feature. also if possible, is there a way to have a switch in there that will activate events that do things like, Turn lights on in houses, closes shops...

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