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  1. Hero_Claive

    Having BOTH visual encounters and random encounters

    You only have a day's worth of replies, so let me chip in a bit. I think the idea is feasible. I've considered it before, but settled for something similar but different. I think there's two basic principles to this idea: Large areas that connect towns/are mandatory to move to different parts...
  2. Hero_Claive

    Adding in limitations to 8D movement system

    I recently implemented 8D movement in my game which is great, however Game_CharacterBase is one of the classes I've studied the least and I'm finding it difficult to navigate because the tile/x,y disparity. What I want to do is prevent diagonal movement if the character would clip through a...
  3. Hero_Claive

    RMVXA Samsarian Tale

    Hey all! I haven't update in a while, so I figured now would be a good time to go over a few new things I've added to the game. First off, a brand new Tutorial Scene to help the player maintain their knowledge of the game's many systems: As you can see, tutorials are unlocked as you unlock...
  4. Hero_Claive

    Best way to avoid redrawing text during Scene updates?

    This may seem like a dumb question, but I haven't yet found a good solution for this problem. I'll start off with a screencap here: Essentially I've created a pretty detailed stat window on the right using a large series of draw_text methods in a custom Window_Base child class. In...
  5. Hero_Claive

    Looking for Edits on Default Shop System

    #=============================================================================== # All Category Sell Window #------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # > Remove the category window from scene shop # # Terms of Service: # > Free for commercial # > Credit...
  6. Hero_Claive

    Simulating a Skill Formula oustide of battle?

    Great catch! I did try that method but like a numbskull, still tried to use $data_enemies. I created a dummy actor as you instructed and it works beautifully. Thanks a ton!
  7. Hero_Claive

    Simulating a Skill Formula oustide of battle?

    Been experimenting trying to create a window in Scene_Skill that shows hypothetical damage output of a given skill. This is easier said than done, however, as I'm having an increasing amount of trouble getting the program to return a numeric value from the skill's formula outside of battle. I'm...
  8. Hero_Claive

    Check for Actor's Class [SOLVED]

    Quite simply, it's actor.class depending on which (Ruby) class you're working in. The ID of that class is stored under actor.class_id. If you're using a script call in a conditional branch, you'd use $game_actors[x].class_id == y, with x being the actor id and y being the class id...
  9. Hero_Claive

    Balancing damage output with low stats (MV, Ace)

    Hey all, I'm here today to give an overview on how to create more balanced damage output using lower stats. If you've ever played bigger franchises like Final Fantasy or Pokemon, you'll notice that the stats intentionally begin very low (10-20) and end up in the multiple 100s range. The purpose...
  10. Hero_Claive

    RMMV Wintervale Keep

    Unfortunate that the character busts have to be so sexualized, the mapping looks very good and it's otherwise a game I'd like to play. Battle system needs a serious facelift/redesign but all that takes is a couple plugins and some configuration.
  11. Hero_Claive

    RMVXA Samsarian Tale

    Thanks for the kind words from both of you! I try to put as much work as possible into every facet of the game, especially the aesthetics. Glad it looks great at first glance!
  12. Hero_Claive

    RMVXA Samsarian Tale

    Hey all! I have here some screenshots from a new prologue I've been working on for the game that incorporates much more interaction, backstory, and development in about half the time and with 90% less unskippable text! As you can see, I've made a pretty big effort to work on the game's...
  13. Hero_Claive

    RMMV Siel Requiem (Demo)

    Looks fantastic. The lighting is well-designed and well-placed, the tiles look non-RTPish which is always a plus, and the character designs are professional-grade. Always awesome to see a game inspired by classic JRPGs too when that seems to be a growing scarcity in this forum. Any pics of the...
  14. Hero_Claive

    How do you handle Poison/Burn/Bleed states when applying them to both enemies and bosses?

    I do the same thing as @bgillisp. It's a formula commonly used in RPGs where debuffs are a legit strategy that works on most if not all enemies (including bosses). It also prevents the aforementioned issues of %-based DoT which renders boss battles pretty un-boss-like. Limiting the turns the...
  15. Hero_Claive

    RMVXA Samsarian Tale

    If you read my main topic, most battles in the game take place on the map where enemies are much easier to see. I use basic sideview for feature testing because it's faster, 32x32 sprites would not be used normally. Your idea isn't terrible though I'm not huge on the idea of offering feedback...
  16. Hero_Claive

    Video games with most references Thief has an unbelievable amount of references in it. A lot of them are pop culture/historical but many of them are also in regards to video games.
  17. Hero_Claive

    how to make events only happen once

    Depends how you want that event to activate. If it's by interaction (press "Enter" on the event): Change the Trigger in the bottom-left corner of the window to Action Button. If you want the event to happen automatically, set it to Autorun. After your event is over, use a Self Switch on the...
  18. Hero_Claive

    Personal Skill MP Cost

    Almost verbatim there is. I use it myself. Let me know if you need any added features!
  19. Hero_Claive

    It's Pride Month!

    Awesome to see people spreading the love here, especially as someone with a relative in the community. No idea what the incident was but I'm glad it brought people out to celebrate. Happy Pride Month y'all! #LGBTQAlly
  20. Hero_Claive

    RMVXA Samsarian Tale

    A quick markup for a new system (possibly) coming to Samsarian Tale: The Break System. Now characters will fill up "slots" on the enemy when hit by their weaknesses. Once all slots are filled, the enemy suffers Break and loses a full turn. Break can be inflicted at any time so strategic...

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