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  1. cockroach

    cockroach's Skill Tree

    Sorry guys, I realized the file uploaded here was corrupted, or something. Now I uploaded a valid one. (I was away for several months so I couldn't access the files before) If any of you have critics, suggestions regarding the script, it is more than welcome. :)
  2. cockroach

    Undeniably Sexy: A Thief's Tale

    I've played this game many years ago... and I have to say it is inspiring. Many RM stories follows old cliches, and many characters you see in them are either overdramatic or unspirited. It isn't the case of this particular game. The protagonist absolutely doesn't follow the regular pattern...
  3. cockroach

    What engine are you currently using?

    I wish there was a RPG Maker with XP mapping style and sprite pattern, and with VX Ace scripting, database, and sprite/faceset generator add-ons. I'd be using that one... While there isn't, I'm using XP :P
  4. cockroach


    The best alternative to me would be having, under a "Preferences" tab, a way to tell the editor if you want to go full-control or automated. In the first mode, you would have access to all the layers, and each separately, and insert any tile you want in any of them (that would avoid the...
  5. cockroach


    lol RMXP already had a great solution for that... and it is such a basic issue, to make up a "brand new feature" ._. (and honestly this "automated upper layer" worries me. each version of RM we have less direct control, or clarity, in map editing...)
  6. cockroach

    Animated RTP Monster Characters

    Kerberos is animated too! Didn't turn out so well because I lost patience... those three heads are a pain to redraw, and I had the terrible idea of making them attack one at a time. :| Guess I'll jump to Monsters (crab and slime) next, then I'll shall do Goblin02, Bird02, Devil02, Angel02...
  7. cockroach

    cockroach's Skill Tree

    Yes, I guess all you need to do is going in the window classes and setting self.back_opacity, or self.opacity to 0, or any value you want. Then, show your sprite or whatever you want in a Z lower than everything else. Did a quick test here: And please give me some feedback if you look at it...
  8. cockroach

    cockroach's Skill Tree

    cockroach's Skill Tree Hi, this is my skill tree script. :) It is meant to be a simple but effective skill tree, as Diablo II's one. So features implemented are pretty much the essential ones a skill tree should have. Multiple Skill Trees per class: Each actor starts with the skill trees...
  9. cockroach

    [RMXP] Doing a SkillTree system and having an issue with Sprites...

    Thanks for the suggestions. I thought about drawing manually with maths and stuff the arrows, but that would look kinda rough and wouldn't allow an easy customization. So I went for the rotated sprites. This system is done, actually. I'm posting the updated demo while I prepare it to be posted...
  10. cockroach

    Critique my Healer class

    I suggest you not telling the player to choose an alignment for the entire game, but being able to change between them as they please. The current alignment can define which spells are you learning at a certain level... Then, if you're heading good path, you'll learn more good-aligned spells, as...
  11. cockroach

    [RMXP] Doing a SkillTree system and having an issue with Sprites...

    I'm basically doing this Skill Tree system, which permits actors to learn their skills from multiple skill trees and level them up, and whatnot. But I'm not so experienced in the fields of scripting and having some trouble with Sprites. Here's a screenshot of how it looks. The core mechanics...
  12. cockroach

    Starting a Custom Rogue-Like Battle System

    Hi guys. I made this thread because I'm doing a system of my own in RMXP and I'd like some help in what's best to begin with. My project placeholder name is Rogue-Like System. It introduces a turn-based battle system in the Map environment, by making the battle interactions take place in the...
  13. cockroach

    See-Through Scenery Script

    See-Through Scenery Script Another very simple edit I have made so you can see Characters (events in general) behind trees, houses and so on. It just changes a couple of lines in some methods in the SpriteSet_Map and Sprite_Character, so it isn't a big deal, really. But the result is quite...
  14. cockroach

    Humble Game Making Bundle

    I just bought this thing, and I'm having a problem using the coupons for RPG Maker 2000/2003. It says in the usage orientation I should add the RPG Makers to my cart in any combination. And when I go add the coupons it only allows me to add 1 coupon at a time. Any of you had this issue too? (I...
  15. cockroach

    8-Actor Party

    8-Actor-Party This is a very simple edit I have made so the RMXP engine allows 8 heroes and show them in all the instances necessary. It consists mostly of firstly allowing the party to have 8 heroes, then tweaking the MenuStatus, the Shop, Item Usage, the default Battle System, the Save...
  16. cockroach

    Animated RTP Monster Characters

    Making some progress with the "02" enemies :P Undead, Snake and Aquatic done. I had some trouble with the aquatic one's weapon... its base dimensions aren't enough to make the weapon swing ahead... I might upload a wider and tweaked version later...
  17. cockroach

    Animated RTP Monster Characters

    You mean, usage and distribution permissions, right? I updated the first post with that info.
  18. cockroach

    Animated RTP Monster Characters

    Next round will include the scorpion and the slime :)
  19. cockroach

    Cope Island - A Place To Improve One's Self

    Wow, this is nice! :) You revolutionized the default battle system. I love the fact it is really really simple. There isn't even equipment, only pure strategy. :P
  20. cockroach

    Animated RTP Monster Characters

    Thanks guys, for the positive feedback :)   I looked at that Slime, and it seems to be the same as the RTP... Did you upload the correct one?

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