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  1. WhereIsMyHeartsBeat

    Nun Habit/Veil Generator Parts (MV)

    I am really glad you like it, I am considering attempting the sprites but I can't guarantee I will do a good job.
  2. WhereIsMyHeartsBeat

    Nun Habit/Veil Generator Parts (MV)

    All done, I really hope you like it. You now have an option of white, or white and black. As stated before, if you would like a certain type of bangs showing through, just let me know and I can make an alt. version with that for you. Both of these can be found in a RAR file below...
  3. WhereIsMyHeartsBeat

    Nun Habit/Veil Generator Parts (MV)

    I will try my best.
  4. WhereIsMyHeartsBeat

    Nun Habit/Veil Generator Parts (MV)

    I am terrible with pixel work, so I can't help with the battlers, but I worked all afternoon on getting this right. The veil works like hair does, as I couldn't find another way to fit it well into the generator, but if you have bangs you want to show through, just tell me which one and I can...
  5. WhereIsMyHeartsBeat

    RPG Maker MV - Face Set Edits

    Hello, please excuse any misunderstandings as I am new to posting here. While working on my game I have had to make a few edits to original materials in VX Ace and MV. I thought why not let others use them? Credits to RPGMaker for making the wonderful face-sets to begin with. You can use these...

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