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  1. GuanyuMaker

    Blurry Movment

    Hello. I'm curious if its possible to handle and fix it or it is something deep in the engine's core. Made a search on this forums and I'm impressed I only found one topic from 2015 on it with no answer at all. The game gets blurry when it faces character movement. If I move the character and...
  2. GuanyuMaker

    Message over head plugins compatibility with Zoom plugins.

    Hello Everyone! Its a well known issue where functions that shows messages over an event like Galv's Message Style "pop" funciton or yanfly's message core extension 1 "msgevent" function dont work well with zoom plugin's such as SRD's camera core or MBS - Maps Zoom. Thats because the message...
  3. GuanyuMaker

    From Gimp to Aseprite or any other.

    I finally decided to try and tame the beast by editing spirtes and tilesets by myself. I'm a starter at it but I'm very happy with the progress I've been making so far using gimp. Actually I'm doing simple recolors editions and manual real resolution increases in some Time fantasy materials...
  4. GuanyuMaker

    Maps and Characters in different styles.

    Hello everyone! I've bought recently the whole Time Fantasy package. While I like everything on it I really dont want that map style on my actual project but I still want to use charsets and SV battlers from it. Said that I've been trying to evaluate how it feels to have TF characters in maps...
  5. GuanyuMaker

    RPG Maker - Time Fantasy At Steam

    Hello Everyone. I'm a steam user and I'm looking into using time fantasy packs. Saw this litte one on steam but it says optimized for VX ACE only, here in the web store says RM2k, VXACE and MV. Is the steam version usable on MV without further work or it does have less resourcers? Will it be...
  6. GuanyuMaker

    Ripped OFF Resource on non-commercial distribution.

    Hello everyone. I'm usigin ripped resource from commercial games(mostly music and se) just to capture the feeling and the mood of a scene that i'm making . The plan is to replace it to legal resources in the final product( if I ever finish it) but i want to know if i can distribute it for...
  7. GuanyuMaker

    Hiding Yep's Equip Battle skill command in battle.

    Hello everyone! I'm using YEP's "Equip Battle Skills" and its extensions and the intention is to use it only for passive skills, the active ones will be in skill types allowed to be listed outside that command pool by the extension script allowed types. It means that i will never have any...
  8. GuanyuMaker

    RPG Maker MV - What about Social gamming?

    So RMMV is comming with HTML5 and mobile devices porting. Is a common feature in games for these plataforms to have Social Features. Not a real Multiplayer or MMO ambient but a way to do some simple interactions with another players as trading ITEMS or posting your status, score or progression...

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