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  1. jjleroy

    Yanfly: no shadows on SV enemies?

    So I'm using Yanfly Animated SV enemies and the plugin has a shadow feature. Even in isolation in a new project with the required other plugins and shadows activated, I couldn't get these shadows to show. did anyone have the same issue or a clue why?
  2. jjleroy

    add 1 until it reaches value x

    I want to slowly move the message box guys... How can I gradually change x until it reaches 100... for (i = 0; i < 100; i++) { this.x += i}
  3. jjleroy

    Will my RPG make devices explode

    So I would like my game to run smoothly on mobile and PC... I finished most of the framework, which works nice on my mobile and PC, however I do use a lot of plugins, and I wanted to ask if someone is proficient with analysing memory usage. When I play my game, the CPU it takes of my PC varies...
  4. jjleroy

    Only show battle hud for actorId < 8?

    Sooo I have more than 8 actors in my game, and in battle, you can see battle huds with their current HP/SP for each of them... (MOG Battle Hud plugin) However, I would like these battle huds only to show up for the first 8 actors.... Actor #10 should not have a battle hud... How could I...
  5. jjleroy

    Check level of (inactive) class [SOLVED]

    Hey guys, I'm sure a lot of you use Yanfly's Class Change Core plugin which gives actors multiple classes. Now I'm trying to figure out a way how to get the level of an unlocked, but currently inactive class. I can only get the amount of experience of that class by using...
  6. jjleroy

    State auto-removal duration: Can I use a variable?

    You know like you can set each state in RPGMV to a duration, for example 2-3 turns, but is there a script call where I could set this duration to a VARIABLE!? I couldn't find anything in my research...
  7. jjleroy

    How do State rates work?

    hey guys, I'm very puzzled right now..... I need two things: 1. a state which reduces actor's susceptibility to mouse status infliction 2. a state which increases actor's susceptibility to mouse status infliction. Now, there's this one thing that's called "State Rate", but is this the...
  8. jjleroy

    "Mouse State" should change battler image

    Hey guys I really need your help with this one. I'd like to have a Side View Battle state which changes the battler image. However, if he is in this state, he only has the "walk" animation. So for example, if he gets hit or is dying, he should still have the 1 single walk animation. obviously...
  9. jjleroy

    Change actor battler motion [SOLVED]

    [EDIT: SOLVED!!] Hey RPG Maker friends, I have an event happening mid-battle where I would like the actor battler motion to briefly change into another motion. (victory pose) This is easily done by: $'victory'); However, afterwards, he should change into...
  10. jjleroy

    How to use ImageManager.loadPicture("")

    So, since I don't want images to lag when they show, I often use this: ImageManager.loadPicture("coolimage") to preload my images. I notices that when I start my game, after a while of playing, the Computer's memory seems pretty exhausted, and I suspect that there are some images constantly...
  11. jjleroy

    How to make Battlelog width adjust to contents width?

    So I would like the Battlelog window width (or rather, the background sprite) to fit the width of the text. This is what it looks like now: (width = 1024px) And this is what I'd like to have: These are what I tried (but it didn't work): Window_BattleLog.prototype.windowWidth =...
  12. jjleroy

    Script call for all members of a Party/Troop

    I would need a script call to add a state to all members of a party or troop. Please let me now list the things I have tried and which have failed: $gameTroop.members()[].addState(x); $gameTroop.members()[n].addState(x); $gameTroop.members()[-1].addState(x); for (var n = 1; n <=...
  13. jjleroy

    Export to android: audio + movies are gone?

    So everytime I deploy my game to android, it only includes .wav and .m4a files. All the .ogg files and .webm movie files are gone. In "audio" folder, it doesn't even create a bgm, bgs or me folder. Movie folder is also missing. Why does he do that and how could I change it?
  14. jjleroy

    Battle step forward to absolute position?

    Step Forward in battle helps show which actor's turn it is. We have 4 battlers in Side View battle. It works with Sprite Actor this.startMove(x,y), however I would like all actors who step forward to step to the same y position on the map. How can I do this? EDIT: Oh I solved it! This was the...
  15. jjleroy

    Menu: How to move "save" and "game end" to scene_options?

    Is there a way to move "save" and "game end" commands to the Options screen?
  16. jjleroy

    How to rotate text in main menu command?

    Hi, I would like to rotate a single menu command in the main menu... But how to do it?! The command is added as follows: (rpg_windows.js) I tried: But it didn't work... I was able to rotate the entire window by using: But I don't want to rotate the entire window, instead, just the "item"...
  17. jjleroy

    update to pixi 1.4.4?

    Hello, I ported my game to mobile version. Unfortunately the battle is very slow and laggy - but why? I don't know why. Everything is running smoothly except for the battle. Now, I thought it might be clever to try upgrading to pixi 1.4.4, but how do I do this? Just replace pixi.js with it...
  18. jjleroy

    hp heal item which cannot be used on dead actors?

    Hey guys, I wanted to make a 20HP heal item, which cannot be used on dead actors in battle. Right now, I can select dead actors, too. If I select them, however, the HP will go to the first alive actor in the party. Is there a way to make dead actors un-selectable as item targets in the first...
  19. jjleroy

    Combine YEP's BuffsStatesCore + ElementCore?

    Hey guys, how is it going today. I have a problem. I want to have a state. If a battler has this state, he will reflect the next physical attack. So I wrote in the state's notes: 1. <Element Reflect 1: +100%> 2. <Custom React Effect> if (this.isPhysical()) {target.removeState(38);} </Custom...
  20. jjleroy

    Change state icon size

    Hey guys, I'm drawing a blank... I changed the size of my state icons from 32x32 to 96x32... Now how do I have to change this function in sprites.js so I get the right icon? Sprite_StateIcon.prototype.updateFrame = function() { var pw = Sprite_StateIcon._iconWidth; var ph =...

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