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  1. [RGSS3-WIP] Grid Battle System

    Look-ee here, I thought VXA is dead, but seeing you still giving VXA hope, life and love... dang yer our VXA hero. Really can't wait for this system of yours to be released. Also... lastly... thank you sir.
  2. Completely removing transitions in battle

    Is there a way to remove transition animations before and after battles? _ The idea is when enemy encounter scene triggers, no transition will be animated, thus instantly proceeds to battle. _ Same goes after battle, no fade to black transition occurence. Just quick zapping of the player back to...
  3. Pseudo-mouse Script??

    Looking for a script that allows the player interact/navigate through selectable items (ie. Items, Equipment, Skills...Save, Load, Shutdown...Potion, Ether...Use, Yes, Ok, No, Cancel...etc) present either in menu or an option/choices message box, via a point-and-click cursor that acts like a...
  4. How to script call "show choices" in Scene_Menu

    I need help, how to script call "show choices" in Scene_Menu? "Show message" function via $game_message.add seems working in Scene_Menu but I can't run "show choices." Please give a little light if it is possible... or impossible, meaning complex to do.
  5. Overhead Variable Gauge On Top of Events?

    Sorry about the lack of info. Basically the variable gauge bars' purpose is to serve as HP bars / progress bars / etc. for the events that specifically assigned to have bars in Scene_Map...
  6. Overhead Variable Gauge On Top of Events?

    I couldn't find a script that allows adding of small variable gauge bars on top of events. Please, anybody here... help, I really need it. :(
  7. Sixth's Mini-Games - v1.2 (13/12/2015)

    Can this QTE's especially "Stay in Range" one be modified to be used in story events, like calming gimmick of hiding mechanic in a horror game? Or are these QTE's solid minigames?
  8. Transmutate a selected item in the ItemList via id change?

    After rereading your comment and realized "plugin," i forgot to mention, I am using Tsukihime's instance item. Sorry for not mentioning early. Really am not intellectualy well verse in scripting. :( The idea is not to put the item at the last position everytime the item transmutates. I want the...
  9. Transmutate a selected item in the ItemList via id change?

    Usually, dev use the trick $game_party.gain_item(x,y) to transform an item. Say for example, a sword transforms into golden sword... it goes like this: gain_item(data_weapons[sword id], -1) ...then gain_item(data_weapons[golden sword id], +1) This I don't want. I see... so how will I...
  10. Transmutate a selected item in the ItemList via id change?

    Hello sir/ma'am, may I ask if is it possible to change the id of the selected item from itemlist... without using gain/lose item trick? Edit: I am using Tsukihime's item instance. The idea is the new item sticks to the slot where the original item is and not at the last slot.
  11. Tank Controls?

    For some stupid reason I named my thread tank controls whe it is clearly all about consume, and couldn't change it anymore. I was copy pasting while coding and pasted here. :( Anyway thanks gstv87, that piece is all I need in this problem.
  12. Tank Controls?

    How to make a script call that returns whether the item is consumable or not when used?
  13. Offsetting the Followers Tailing Behavior

    Hello, can somebody help me. I am trying to modify the behavior on how the followers tail the player around, but when I try to change it via self-improvised snippet using a mock game_player variable, the followers just stand there, frozen, doesn't want to follow the player. Please, I need help...
  14. Temporary Text Bubble

    This is kinda like that japanese script I found a year ago or two, but this variant of yours is rather more user-friendly by universal unlike that one because yours ain't in solid Japanese. Well done!
  15. How to fix landing offset bug after jumping with irregular-sized character sprite?

    Thanks Theo for mentioning that sprite size shouldn't matter. Knowing that made me to put that to the test by using a clean custom script-less project, and the results are what you claimed is correct. I never knew how it was possible in my project, none of anybody's custom script causing it...
  16. How to fix landing offset bug after jumping with irregular-sized character sprite?

    As the title goes, my concern is this bug. When I jump on, my landing is off. I am using a much taller character. Unlike the default rounder chibi-character formats, you land like 7 pixels off deeper with irregular characters. Is there a way to fix or at least a trick to adjust this? Thank...
  17. Map Objects - v1.2 (26/08/2020)

    Is this permanent modification for the map, mean will it reflect on the real map editor once the game closed? Or is it more on decorative? For example, you created a map without any object on it and just some body of waters and land mass, then you start the game, then you add chair objects in...
  18. Theo - Pathfinding and Event Chase Player

    Does event chase offscreen persist in the new update? The last time I remember is that when the player outrun the chasing event lets say like 10 squares outside the monitor, the event halts the chase to dead stop but if player reenters event vicinity it will resume chasing.
  19. Khas Ultra Lighting - The Foggy Time update!

    so does it mean we Steam buyers still has it in our account but won't get any future updates, say for example, if ever, the lighting script gets an object shadow gimmick, we won't be receiving that feature? dang :( o well. anyways i am satisfied tho still sad. Thanks for the chance in Steam...
  20. Khas Ultra Lighting - The Foggy Time update!

    Ouch! Just noticed Khaz Ultra Lighting became inaccessible in Steam now. Good thing I've purchased it early in my developer-dedicated account. ...not celebrating nor bragging, but rather concerned... whatever happened though why? I worry if ever I happen to lose my password of this account of...

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