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  1. kaboth

    (solved) A swimming Script request

    Without using yanfly's region tiles to make the player change graphics while swimming, I would like one that where a players item must be worn to swim or get hurt in the water while the player dosn't have the item equipped so I would like a swimming script please. I hope this is self explanatory....
  2. kaboth

    Movie trailer (FF Kingsglaive) Omg, I'm so hyped for this movie.
  3. kaboth

    SureAI presents

    These Mods are free and do not cost so yea...... A Mod made from Scratch using the Skyrim Engine at its base. Nothing to do with Skyrim's storyline or nothing to do with the ElderScrolls Series comes this And if you want to know when the English release will...
  4. kaboth

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Leave comments below in what you think about this upcoming game
  5. kaboth

    Doom, What do you think?

    What do you guys think of the new Doom coming out, I'm kinda hyped about it but what about you guys?
  6. kaboth


    Does this work to convert ruby to java? Go to the link. for RPG MAKER MV??????????
  7. kaboth

    Dynamic Footsprints plugin

    Want to request a plugin that creates footprints in the snow, sand, etc.
  8. kaboth

    Breathing Event Plugin

    Requesting an Plugin that will make events have a breathing effect without the use of more sprites, I thought it might be useful since Yanfly's battle system has a breathing effect.
  9. kaboth

    Three js script for mv? please?

    Is it possible to trick three.js for MV or request it to be done? thank you.
  10. kaboth

    So if I buy this

    So if I buy any type of Rpg Maker, will I have the latest version or will it be the first version?

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