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  1. Aerosys

    How to publish your Game as Webbrowser Game

    Hey all, So I was asked to write a short tutorial on publishing a Game as Webbrowser game so that others can play it instantly. RPG Maker already outputs a game as an HTML/js application, so there isn't much work to do. Before hosting a game as html/js application, be aware that due to their...
  2. Aerosys

    RMMV How to.. Named Parameters?

    Hey all, I'm currently practicing Named Parameters. At the moment my code looks like this: drawPath({ start = "south", end = "north", mapName = "Path", weightFunction = undefined, thickness = 3, mode = "smooth" } = { }) { So I can call it by e.g. drawPath({ start...
  3. Aerosys

    Can you please add [mv AND mz] as Thread prefix?

    Hey, can you please add [MV and MZ] as Prefix for Javascript Boards? Some Plugin writers, including myself, write their Plugins so they do work for both MV and MZ.
  4. Aerosys

    How do you setup a RPGMaker Project in Github?

    I recently swapped from OneDrive to Github to have a better version control. I set up a .gitignore to ignore "RTP" files so when others download my project they need to create a project from the Maker themselves to paste my files into it. I noticed that System.json ALWAYS get modified when I...
  5. Aerosys

    How do you design Loot chests? (Fixed, randomly, adapting Player's style...)

    Hey all, I did this thread for fun, as I'm not making a Game right now, but I somehow thought about loot chests and want to hear some other opinions. About loot chests, or rather to say, their loot. I think there are 3 major strategies to fill loot chests: fixed: Yep, that's easy. Right-click...
  6. Aerosys

    RMMZ I need a fast Floodfill Algorithm

    Hey all, for my Plugin, I need a Floodfill Algorithm that returns an array of all islands on a generated Map, whereas an island is an array of all its points. Right now I use an iterative stack approach, but it needs several seconds on a large worldmap (e.g. 256x256 tiles). This is the code I'm...
  7. Aerosys

    RMMV global var Imported tells Plugin is not there, but it is in the PluginManager

    Hey all, so my Base Plugin starts with this 'use strict'; var MK = MK || {}; MK.alias = MK.alias || {}; var Imported = Imported || {}; Imported.MK_RandomGenerate_Dungeon = '1.1'; and I have an Addon starting with this 'use strict'; var Imported = Imported || {}...
  8. Aerosys

    RMMZ Calling a Scene in Battle and closing it, should not restart Battle

    Hi all, I want to open a Scene within a Battle, it should pause the battle while the player is in that scene. Once the player leaves this scene, the battle should just resume, instead it restarts. How can I jump back into battle scene that it just resumes, and not restarts? If this is not...
  9. Aerosys

    Question about using a FTP server

    Hey all, I have a short question about having a FTP server. So when I want to upload (experimental, paywalled, beta..) files on my FTP server, and I put them into a directory with a long link eg. "root/hidden-files/ksjflösjföl</" do only people having the link have access to those files or are...
  10. Aerosys

    RMMZ [solved] How to color Text Segment in a Window?

    Hey all, so I need some help from the RMMZ UI experts :P So I have a custom Window, nothing special, it just inherits from Window_Base. The Game Dev can setup a message eg. "Go to the \C[2]Dark Forest\C[0]!" What is the best approach to make the Text Segment "Dark Forest" being colored in its...
  11. Aerosys

    that annoying Mini Lag when opening Game Menu

    Hey folks, is it just me or do you also have the feeling that the Menu always needs half a second to appear when I press Esc or click on the Menu Touch Button? It drives me crazy ._.
  12. Aerosys

    How to make Noise Maps having only one Room?

    This is not a Maker related questions, but a.. I don't know.. a very scientific one. So I want to create Dungeons using a Noise Maps technique (lookup here: The problem is, when I want to generate dungeons, it must be proofen that the...
  13. Aerosys

    [solved] Read in and analyze Image Files?

    Hey all, is there a way to read in an image file and to analyze it? I only need to read in grey-scale images, doesn't matter if png, bmp or jpg .. I want to make it possible for Game Designers to create such images to use them in my Plugin, like in old RMXP they could draw Transition Fades. So...
  14. Aerosys

    RMMV Procedurally Generated World

    Hey all, some time ago, when I spent hours with No Mans Sky, I wondered, if it would be possible to make a mix of JRPG and Exploration of a randomly generated world. I'm working on a prototype right now, and I still need some days until I can present something playable. Nethertheless, I wanted...
  15. Aerosys

    RMMV The Guardian Angel of the Rural Village (No Travel Game Jam)

    This is my submission to the No Travel Game Jam! I decided to put it into "Games in Development" as it is playable, but I still have so many ideas to extend it. This game is inspired by the JRPG Nights of Azure and all the other JRPGs that I spend full price just to play with ridicously sexy and...
  16. Aerosys

    Glass Shield - State that nullifies damage but then breaks?

    Hey all, I want to have a buff that acts like a Glass shield. It should protect an actor in a way that it completly nullifies incoming damage, but then breaks. So I can't use "remove after x turns" because it should not been removed before. And I can't use "remove after damage", because this...
  17. Aerosys

    Disallow Usage of Items for specific Actor / Class?

    Somebody has a quick solution or Plugin in which I can forbid access to use Items for specific Actors or Classes? I want specific Actors to behave like summons or pets (beastmastery). If not, I would quickly write a Plugin for myself, but maybe someone already has some tips.
  18. Aerosys

    [solved] I need the default english Vocabulary

    Ok, so this is probably a noob question, but when I tried to google it I only found results for various Vocab Plugins... nevermind.. I just created a new Game and noticed that every string, skill, item, UI button... is german. Is there an option to create a game in english? Or can someone just...
  19. Aerosys

    Conditional Turn Battle, but with possibility to out-agi enemy and no waiting

    Hey all, I'm looking for a solution to have a Conditional Turn Based Battle System with some criterias, see the list. I already tried Yanfly CTB and Olivia Turn Battle System, however it's still not exactly what I'm looking for. I want to have a CTB but with these criteria: when the player...
  20. Aerosys

    Why are so many things hard-coded in RMMV Editor?

    Hi all, not sure if my thread will lead to great improvements, but I'm just curious what others think and maybe we get a nice discussion. I wonder, why are so many options in the Maker hard-coded? For example I can live with that items could be ordinary item, weapon or armor. But why are...

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