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  1. RCXDan

    Himeworks Inventory Core + Dynamic Item Stack bug

    So I've recently been baffled by how Himeworks's Inventory Core and Dynamic Item Stack don't seem to play well together. The problem: Basically if I put Item Stack + Dynamic Item Stack (allows you to expand stack limits while the game is running) under Inventory Core, it doesn't... work...
  2. RCXDan

    Enemy flash when hit with weakness

    So a feature I quite enjoy in some games is when the enemies visibly react to getting hit by the element they're weak to. I'm looking for a simple script that has it so an enemy shakes and flashes red if hit by an element weakness (or blue if hit by something they resist). I don't know how...
  3. RCXDan

    Facing Away From Player Conditional Branch

    So this is something I've been ruminating about. So Earthbound has this system where if you touch an overworld enemy from the back, you enter battle with an advantage. How do I replicate this in RPG Maker? Is there a way for a conditional branch to check "facing away from player"?
  4. RCXDan

    Follower Balloons

    As the title says. I saw a similar thread and it got me thinking "wow this could be useful for me." Followers having their own balloons as opposed to only the player and events.
  5. RCXDan

    Himeworks Item Stack "Full" Indication

    So what this is, I am using Himeworks's Item Stack Size script and was hoping if there could be an addon that changes the color of the number to indicate this item has reached its maximum holding size. Example: see how the bread on the above image has blue numbers? That shows it's at max...
  6. RCXDan

    Sturdy status

    No matter what I try, this is the Big Thing that always has me stumped: having the player retain 1 HP upon taking a lethal attack and not entering an HP zero state. I know it's possible for enemies, but I haven't been able to crack it despite all my attempts. It usually ends up with the player...
  7. RCXDan

    Hit barrier + weakness variable

    So I have two burning questions. 1: I want to have a barrier state that doesn't just block damage, it functions based on the amount of hits it can take. Like let's say actor 1 has a 5 hit barrier that negates all damage taken while it's up. The actual strength behind an attack doesn't matter -...
  8. RCXDan

    RMVXA Sundew Nightmare: The Omega Cut

    Synopsis: You and your best friend visit the small, humble town of Sundew as part of a vacation. You're there to investigate the seven mysteries of the town and it seems like a nice enough place. What could go wrong? - This borrows the same engine I've been using for my main project, The Dark...
  9. RCXDan

    Large NPC Collision

    As the title says. Is there a script somewhere for VX Ace (I know there's one for MV) where you can customize the tile size of NPCs on the overworld? This is useful for me because I'm using Falcao's Pearl ABS system and I plan to have big boss monsters on the overworld.
  10. RCXDan

    Attack an enemy, get a reaction

    So, a thing I've been thinking about is having enemies react to normal or even special attacks like in Chrono Trigger. Like, is there a method where "X enemy is hit with [player attack], forcing them to react" either through conditional branches or scripts? Ex. Boss is in a defending stance...
  11. RCXDan

    What features would you like to see more in RPG Maker games

    As the title says. It's a bit broad but what I mean is specifically stuff to cut down frustration, stuff to streamline the experience and so on. The scope of this question mainly appiles in terms of standard JRPG-inspired projects, since that's a common type of game here and it's easier to...
  12. RCXDan

    RMVXA One Slice Hero + Isekai Ideas

    Huh. Never thought I'd use this place. So here's the thing - while in the middle of making my main project, I've gotten the urge to make a much more small-scale side game. It's called One Slice Hero and while I don't have names laid out, here's the basic premise and ideas: You play as the...
  13. RCXDan

    Enemies retaining HP when you run from battle

    As the title says. Let's say you whack an enemy and they're dropped to less than half health. What I want to do is configure it so when you escape, they keep that amount of health when you encounter them again. You know, instead of fighting them with full HP again. (I have a visual encounter...
  14. RCXDan

    RMVXA The Dark Heart | [Under Construction]

    "I've been waiting for you..." Synopsis: The world is currently at peace. But something evil under the ground starts... stirring, inviting ghouls to your otherwise normal city simply by waking up. You, a brilliant youth blessed with the power to control every element, have to go all across...
  15. RCXDan

    Yo, what's good.

    My name's Rainbow Chara X, but you can just call me Dan for short. I've had a long-standing interest in making video games, and RPG Maker's helped me actually do something with that. I've done quite a bit with the engine (VX Ace specifically) and I've finally cultivated a demo out of my...

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