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  1. Nightshade

    is there a tutorial to make a platform for rpg maker mv

    I'm interested in learning how to make a platform game using RPG Maker MV BUT i dont know what i would need to get one working. can someone help me please Hekete
  2. Nightshade

    placement of events based on player location on the map

    i want to craft a tent and then place said tent on the ground but based on where the location of the player is standing on the map. how do you do this?
  3. Nightshade

    pregnant female base for the generator for RPG Maker MV

    has anyone made one yet? cloth-less needed. i'll be wanting to use a plug - in to add visual outfits for it. will this include the sv-battler too which i need also.
  4. Nightshade

    Making event spawn events on the map.

    Right. as you can see in the event for the tree how i have it set up. It checks to see if player has picked up the woodcutter's axe off the the stump. once player has the axe. the player can now cut the tree down. what I like to see happen is on the map. once the tree is cut down. and is temp...
  5. Nightshade

    any chance of a skull helmate like this for the generator? [MV-maker] i can do the hair and i can do the paint already. but would like to know if someone can do the helm for her head :) not sure if the clothing for the generator is...
  6. Nightshade

    letting common event set to passive monitor stats of actors

    how do i set this up. i can do it by enemy troop easy. but when i go to common events and set it to passive. i'm slapped with a switch request. but i dont want it to use a switch D: how do i make that to none D:
  7. Nightshade

    Actor changes depending on how much TP they gain

    My TP been re-named Lust what i like to do is have it so that after so much TP has been gained my actor changes to something else. then reverts back once the tp been removed. is this possible? 10% she gets flustered state and at 15 she gets wolf ears. at 50 she gets tail and at 100 she full on...
  8. Nightshade

    haveing issues with the inn taking items. instead of gold

    Inn takes equipment away from the player when ever she trys to pay for a bed. i had an inn event where. the inn gaved said player a special ammount of gold. so i had set it up using the normal auto generated inn npc. added in - 500 gold for example. well the player had way more then enough...
  9. Nightshade

    New bar for RPG maker MV

    how do I add in another bar. or change the TP bar to something else? also is it possible to give bar's levels? like 1 - 2 - 3 each level does something different.
  10. Nightshade

    Leader switch temp doing scene before switching back to normal leader

    how do i do this. i got a scene that this would make it really ummm special XD but i have to be able to temp switch the actors position. is their a way to do this. prefer without a plug in . . .
  11. Nightshade

    For use in a customizable player house. for RPG Maker MV I looking for furniture sprites/characters

    was wondering if anyone at all has made furniture sprites. looking for old but not broken furniture sprites in character format. beds, chairs, bookcases, um tables. kitchen items. stoves. food storage items. stuff to work on like work benches. cooking benches. thinking FSM if that possible
  12. Nightshade

    Custom physical contact healing skill RPG MAKER MV *blus*

    hehehe giggle i got a cute heal skill i like to make but i like help with it its sfw though like it turns off SV animation for said actor while animation plays then turns SV animation back on. is this possible? to make it look like said actor walked over to mc actor and kissed them. healing...
  13. Nightshade

    FSM Battleback for the forest/cave also for the town set too FOR RPG MAKER MV

    I'ts for my game that I been developing and decides since people are paying me to make this. I went a head and bought both but now I got a problem. . . none of the battlebacks match the tilesets :o i tried using the battles without them and use the map but ran into a massive problem. its just a...
  14. Nightshade

    FSM Battleback drops missing?

    Was it an oversight or where their just none made for the packs?
  15. Nightshade

    I'm looking for a diag movement plug-in for RPG Maker MV

    so that you can walk up stairs. the one for Ace is what I was looking for but I can't seem to find one for MV can someone kindly help me :) also i did search but only one that came up was the one for Ace
  16. Nightshade

    USING RMMV Can someone help me please, my game wont load

    I just got latest version installed an i'm getting this :o i made a new project. what do i need to do D: this is from my game i'm dev.
  17. Nightshade

    My game CTD saying missing map error

    but when i went into the map editor and checked all my transport events, all of them are pointing to a map location. so i don't understand why the game CTD with missing map. this is after i export and to make matters worse. i checked my project folder and it says map 0022 is missing that is what...
  18. Nightshade

    whats the difference between Sex and Porn in Games?

    is there an actual difference. I'm making a Yuri Game and would like NSFW content in it BUT I do not want to make a porn game at all! yes i do want sex with portraits maybe animations to go along with the NSFW scenes BUT i do not want it to be pornographic! there a story behind the relationship...
  19. Nightshade

    anyone tell me what i did wrong ><

    i'm trying to make a little money to pay someone to do professional style art for my game but only one person donated even though i kept my word about giving out payed content early to those that do @_@ no one else donated. i dont know what i did wrong D: I think 3$ is resonable. most people...

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