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  1. neosky

    Skill Usage Count

    Not sure this is the right place for this, but I couldn't think of anywhere else. Anyone know, what to search for, or what it's called? It's a script that allows you to set how many times a spell/skill can be used. I've seen it before, but never thought about using it, till now. I was...
  2. neosky

    Is there a way to purchase the old domain, and do you think it will have content?
  3. neosky

    VX to MV the journey

    Soooooo. Trying to convert, not the right word, my engine from VX to MV. #F4VX So, this is a new engine, new features, new language, new horrors. So far, I like what I have seen. I just have a, few, lot of questions. Well, maybe not a lot, more than a few, so anyway first things first 1...
  4. neosky

    Vx to MV - un to official

    So it's been awhile. I'm certain no one here remembers me, let alone the forums I came from. #F4VX, but I kinda lost it all after the forums, went away, and I didn't know what to do anymore. VX was gone, old news, no one uses that anymore.... and so on. Small forums here and there, but no one...

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