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  1. Rishi Raj Jain

    Pixly - Pixel Art on the go

    General Today I found a very easy to work on, software for making pixelart. I am a bit lazy and I was fedup of Sitting several hours on the Desktop designing sprites. Link So, after some searching I found an Android app Pixly, search Play Store Don't know if Pixly is available on iOS. Key...
  2. Rishi Raj Jain

    Pokedex (Interactive Enemy/Monster Book) [Free]

    As we all know there are several EnemyBooks, Monster Books, for MV but mostly displays all info on a single screen. Whereas Pokedex works on a Multipage funda.
  3. Rishi Raj Jain

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined

    Getting error TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined in Many @Yanfly and @SumRndmDde plugins, I don't know why? undefined give me hint like the code are using some function, etc. which aren't Defined in the Core game file. Maybe!
  4. Rishi Raj Jain

    Player Not Visible

    Engine : RPG Maker MV Issue: My Project was working fine, just a few days ago, but today when I tried to play test it. My Player is not visible (yet I can walking, enter event, etc) when I start a New game, while he is visible, in the Save game. I tried Turning off all the Plugins yet no...
  5. Rishi Raj Jain

    Animation Sheet Formats

    How big Animation sheet (Move animations not character animation) can we import in Rpg Maker MV, a single animation image is 192×192 pixel there a already many size like 5X5 animation sheet, 5×6 animation sheet, etc. But I'm not able to import 7×7 (1344×1344 pixel) animation sheet.
  6. Rishi Raj Jain

    Autotiles in MV

    General Talk After getting a very Negative Feedback from PokéCommunity about MV, I was forced to ask about Autotiles here. As most of you might know I'm working on Monster Maker : Pocket Monster edition (a.k.a Pokémon Essentials MV), and as I shared this news to Pokémon Fans on...
  7. Rishi Raj Jain

    Templates for Tall Sprite Maker

    Tall Sprite Maker (Tamplate Request) Resource Type: SV Battlers, TVD Character Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: Mack, Artist's original, refer Tamplate Description: The Artist has very well made the Tall Tamplates of Male Female as well as Child. In 4 skin Tone. I just want someone to...
  8. Rishi Raj Jain

    Tall Sprite Maker

    Tall Sprite Maker (Logo coming soon, if people like the Idea) GENERAL TALK I was making a Monster Maker but I realised that Chibi Characters aren't good enough for Realistic games (most games made with Parallax Maps) Basically Chibi Characters may be good for Fantasy game but not Realistic...
  9. Rishi Raj Jain

    RMMV Pokemon Essentials MV (with RealSize Overworlds)

    a.k.a POKEMON ESSENTIALS MV SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS STORYLINE/PLOT SETTING AND WORLD DEVELOPMENT Real size Monsters (New) Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Nintendo & Gamefreak, this...
  10. Rishi Raj Jain

    Extend max limit of MV database

    Hello guys, I was making Actor entries for My Pokemon Essentials MV Project but soon I got to know than I can't Make more than 1000 Actors. And the Pokemon Count of Gen 7, is 1000+ { Including all Alternate forms (Unown, etc), Mega Pokemons, Primal Forms, etc.} Therefore, I'm kind of struck...
  11. Rishi Raj Jain

    Yanfly Core(s) Engine TypeError

    Whenever I'm switching ON the Yanfly Core Engine Plugin or Yanfly Class Change Core or Yanfly Skill Core from the Plugin Manager and Testplay I'm Getting an Error Type Error: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined All Plugins are upto date and MV version 1.5.1 Please help @Yanfly
  12. Rishi Raj Jain

    Actors SV Battlers Extended (More than 3 Frames/action)

    Hey guys, I was thinking that maybe there could be a Plugin which could Help me and MV Community to Make Multi frames Actors SV Battlers Support in MV Like I have a 1x40 sprite sheet which I want to support all action of a SV Battlers. I can thing of going upto 40 animations/action for the...
  13. Rishi Raj Jain

    Neo Crystal Engine Error

    I'm using Neo Crystal Engine as a Base of My Pokemon MV Project, the issue is that that when I Approch the Enemy the Battle should Occur but instead of that I get the following error, check Spoilers Can someone explain me what it means and How to...
  14. Rishi Raj Jain

    FREE Monster Maker : Pocket Monster edition [All Positions Open]

    a.k.a Pokemon Essentials MV GENERAL TALK Hello Guys, I'm Working on a Pokemon Essentials for MV, After Millions of Entries in Actors, Classes, and Items I realised that It's not possible for me alone to do this humongous task, not as of I was thinking it to take a couple of weeks to release...
  15. Rishi Raj Jain

    YEP.56 – Limited Skill Uses Extended Option

    Using YEP.56 – Limited Skill Uses for my PokeEssential MV Project but it Restricts us to use <Global Use Max: +x> <Global Use Max: -x> <SType x Use Max: +y> <SType x Use Max: -y> <Skill x Use Max: +y> <Skill x Use Max: -y> <Skill name Use Max: +y> <Skill name Use Max: -y> Notetags only in Actor...
  16. Rishi Raj Jain

    How to Update RPG Maker MV

    I'm currently using version 1.0.1 I downloaded The Update file for version 1.1.0 named "RPGMV_W110_Upd.exe" But whenever I run it Gives an Error : "RPG Maker MV has not been updated" Is there any update I'm missing before v1.1.0? I'm plan to update to current version v 1.5.0 but what is the...

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