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  1. Reptalia1994

    Android Tester

    MY ENGLISH ITS BAD SORRY: Hello, im created Android Apk Version of my demo game, but a hour for tester .. this error apparear
  2. Reptalia1994

    Hater Map

    Good evening friends .. currently a project is being developed in a mpg rpg and he finds an error that does not find a problem, it is in a single map. which is the test I can only be 30 seconds because it closes and I return an editor. already check all the events and nothing that produces that...
  3. Reptalia1994

    RMMV Dementia (Game In Progress)

    Hi, I'm new here and I want to start by presenting the project I'm working on with some colleagues, sorry my English is not my native language. the demo is in a progress of 78% just missing the maps and make a plugin, that saying that last, SPOILER: javascripter hahaaha are...
  4. Reptalia1994

    Event action

    hello, I have a doubt, I want to make an event jump to a certain address if it is in x and coordinates, I have achieved this through the script command: $ gameMap.event (N) .x === N && $ gameMap.event (N ) .y === N but I want to make this action be imposed when the event or enemy is looking...
  5. Reptalia1994

    OCS Menu

    Hello, happy holidays to start, I am currently developing a horror survivor game and I use the OCS Menu of Alanderson Zelindro Da Rosa, which simulates the Resident Evil Menu 1, 2 and 3, but from what I see it is not as complete because it is missing the option to combine object and check. I use...
  6. Reptalia1994

    qt5webengine.dll 32 bits

    Hi, I Need qt5webengine.dll 32 bits to install the new version of Mv :C ^I only get versions of 64 in download pages .. someone has the 32-bit version that I can request?
  7. Reptalia1994

    inventory limit

    Good afternoon, I am programming my videogame and I was programming an engine of capacity of objects in the inventory, in which you can only take 6 and when you find one you get a message that you can not collect it. I made a mechanism in which when picking up an object a variable would add a...
  8. Reptalia1994

    Chrono Engine ABS Heart HUD

    One question, how did you fix the Hud of hearts, I use the same but I get a number on top of a heart according to the amount of Hp I have ....
  9. Reptalia1994

    Moving Floors :C

    hello, greetings I am new here, mainly I clarify I do not know I am from Venezuela, I come to write here with the reason that I have tried to make a mobile platform, that is to say, that the character when touching said event moves to a specific area together with this but that in turn the...

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