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  1. Is there a way to shut off Friendly Fire?

    Is there a way of not Normal Attacking Self or Allies?
  2. Anthro-Generator Parts

    i not sure if this been posted. can someone make Generator parts like, (for RPG Maker MV). (MV Style) Canine, Feline, Rodent , Horse , Shark, Reptile , Goat Snouts (Nose) Bird Beak (Mouth) Lizard Tail, Rabbit Tail, Goat Tail, Bull Tail , Shark Tail , Bird Tail (Tail) Goat Horn...
  3. Is it possible to send Enemies/ETC from RPGMaker 2000/2003 to MV?

    If so how? everytime I tried , it don't show up. I bought 2003 and VXAce, and able ta copy and paste some stuff from VXAce to MV. ----- Thanks if answered.
  4. Bout RPG Maker MV Free Trail Download.....

    i try ta download the Free Trail of RPG Maker MV but i keep getting (me email name) is already subscribed to the list. PC can't find the page , or This might be in Maintenance. but was able ta do it on me iPad just for laughs and said Thank for being interested and now downloading...

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