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  1. Mouse Control Options

    I'm not sure if this would require an entire plugin or just make use of a few script calls, but I would really love to see if there's a way to get more control of how the mouse works. Specifically, a way to have an internal variable or switch respond to when the left click is being pressed or...
  2. More frames for battlers animations

    Well, the game I'd been making prior to MV used the script and had spritesheets who's individual sprites were about the size of a battle animation sprite.  The sheets also had 12 frames per animation, so the width was at least 1200.  Nevertheless, a large spritesheet never caused slowdown, and...
  3. More frames for battlers animations

    I second this. I was using this script for my vxa project and it's essential for me to port my game to mv. One key feature I'm also looking for is the ability to change the sprite size of our battlers to match whatever we choose by indicating the number of rows.
  4. Movies don't always play in full screen.

    Aha! You totally hit the nail on the head.  I kinda feel stupid now.  I was having the problem whilst dual monitoring it with a TV.  I tried it by itself and the video displayed perfectly.  I don't know if there's a way to give it support for dual-monitor setups but I didn't really intend for...
  5. Movies don't always play in full screen.

    Thanks for the response.  That makes a lot of sense.  However, the laptop in question isn't any older than 2 years or so, and it's running Windows 7 with up to date drivers.  I'm not sure I can fix it on the computer's end.  You're absolutely right about windowed mode and why that works.  Is...
  6. Movies don't always play in full screen.

    My game is currently using movies at key moments in the game.  While playing the game in full screen on my home computer (a tower, not a laptop), the movies play perfectly and are incorporated into the game just as I'd want them.  However, when playing the game in full screen on a laptop, the...

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