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  1. Creating an Event That Resets Based on Time

    Okay, I'm trying to make a couple of events that happen an infinite amount of time, but have a "Cool Down" period if you will. For example: There is a maid that will cook you a meal that will restore MP for your party. However, she can only cook one meal every half hour. I know I'll need a...
  2. Help Creating an Item Trade/Craft System

    I've been working on a project and have decided to incorporate an NPC who can fashion magical gems from shards of like gems (Example, 3 Ruby Shards =1 Blaze Gem) I know I could always use a conditional branch  that would flow similarly to If player has: 3 Ruby Shards in inventory then -3...
  3. How To Force A Certain Character To Permanently Party Leader

    For the game I'm making, the party can have a maximum of four active members with reserve members who don't partake in battles. I want players to be able to change the party to an extent, but I don't want them to be able to change who the party leader is. Is there a way I can do this without...
  4. Help Setting Enemy Attack Conditions in Battle

    I've been fine tuning some new bosses in RPG Maker VX Ace and today I was setting up an enemy moveset. On that moveset is the Heal II ability, but I only want it to be activated at a certain time. (When enemy HP is between 10 and 40 percent of maximum.) I have a condition set with the move but...
  5. Need Help Making Sprites

    I've been working on my game for a while now, and have started focusing on some of the behind the scenes elements (Like what goes on in the battle formulas, character designs and the like.) And I'm finding that I need some help creating some elements. Right now there's two major things I need...
  6. Fixing a bugged forced encounter!

    I'm trying to program an encounter where my protagonist is joined by her first teamate, and it's not going exactly as I planned. See, the event is supposed to go: Protagonist talks to themselves as they walk (check), they hear a monster noise and freak out (check) ally suddenly appears and they...

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I'm having toooo much fun designing the new MP (Mental Psyche) system. I've only worked it out for enemies so far, but it's fun to stun them, then go after their MP and delete them instead to farm for better item drops.
anyone know of a place I can promote my game? sorta like game awards but for indie devs, like a place where I can drop a trailer and like stir up some hype
Doing RPG Maker News for 17th October 2021

That moment when you came up with a very good game title, but when you searched it, it has already been used... T.T
Crazy week. My anxiety decides to go nutz. Worse thing about it is that it causes me to lose focus on my work. I was able to leave early one day and take a nap. Seemed to help. How is everyone? Boosters coming soon here. Get my life back on track again.

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