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  1. alberca

    Any way to remove 'ok' as a button to skip text?

    Hi, I have some text that gets displayed through 'show text' in a parallel event. What bothers me is that you can left click with mouse to move forward the text, is there any way to disable that function without losing the ability to use the mouse on the menu for example. :yswt2: I would like...
  2. alberca

    Problem running my game on HTML via Newgrounds.

    Hi, So I have a working copy of my game running on HTML, tested it on my browser in developer mode and it works perfectly. Then I try to upload my html game project (folder /www) to Newgrounds and now suddenly it's not working anymore. I can have this error, sometimes it's a different...
  3. alberca

    A way to add an ingame scene as Credits through MainTitle ?

    Hi, I have been looking for a plugin that could do that but can't find any. Basically, I have an ingame map that serves as some sort of Credits. It looks good and I would like to have this Credits map accessible through the MainTitle menu (not the Ingame main menu) as well through a "Credits"...

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