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  1. Battle Engine Symphony

    Hey, I have another problem: In the Video it shows damage dealt and healing. But when I use this script (together with the Yanfly Battle Script) it only shows me the damage dealt and not the amount of HP healed. I didn't find it anywhere in the script configs... 
  2. Battle Engine Symphony

    Oh, I didn't even think of the save thing... it works now, thanks. And sorry =P
  3. Battle Engine Symphony

    Hey! Great script, but I get an error and I don't know if it's my fault. When I test the battle in the Troops-Editor everything works fine, but if I do it ingame I get the error: "Script 'Battle Symphony' line 3065: ArgumentError orrcurred. comparsion of NilClass with 0 failed" Any help?
  4. Popup Window with Queueing

    Okay, I'm gonna need it but it's not like I need it tomorrow, I can wait a few weeks. But it would be cool if you could get the colors and icons working, I would be really happy about that. Tanks :)
  5. Popup Window with Queueing

    So are you gonna do it? And how long is it gonna take? Thanks btw :3
  6. Popup Window with Queueing

    If you could fix it that would be very cool, because I would really like to use it to show gained and lost items and to show stuff about quests. But it wouldn't be nice if you just couldn't see the icons the items have.. ^^ Also, stuff like \c doesn't work.. don't know if that is intended.
  7. Popup Window with Queueing

    If I do the \ii which should show name and Icon for example, it just shows the name and the code for the icon.. Same with \i, it just shows the icon. And I've also tried with only one \, but that also didn't work.. Maybe I'm really doing something wrong...
  8. Popup Window with Queueing

    No, but it doesnt... I tested it several times... and I also tried rearranging them in the script editor... maybe I'm doing something else wrong?
  9. Popup Window with Queueing

    Can you make it so that you can show Icons somehow instead of only the one picture? Thanks

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