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  1. kokozhang

    What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    Search function on event creation menu would be nice. Like when I create an event, instead of looking all the function, I just can search "Change Transparency" or "Add / Remove Party" This will make development much more efficient and faster.
  2. kokozhang

    RMMV Insurgence - Second Assault

    We've been busy in the last few weeks, we Hired a new staff (Editor) for helping us grammar fixing and rewriting the dialogue become more natural. We also are on the way on continuing writing for the second chapter, we really hope we can finish all the story and dialogue this June. So we can...
  3. kokozhang

    RMMV Insurgence - Second Assault

    I think cutting the map is a good idea, or make it a separate area, if the player wants to explore it and get some extra items. As for writing fix, we are currently working on it. we might upload patch and re-upload the game in the near future. And again, Thank you for the critique and the...
  4. kokozhang

    RMMV Insurgence - Second Assault

    Thank you for your Feedback, as for writing issues, actually I already hire someone to Fix it. But I choose wait until chapter one is finished (this demo is like 0.4 chapter) because we are small studio and need extra fund so I need to works some things out first :LZSlol:. There is also some...
  5. kokozhang

    RMMV Insurgence - Second Assault

    Thank you for your feedback and support! Cheers!
  6. kokozhang

    RMMV Insurgence - Second Assault

    thanks mod! hehehehe :2k31: --- Edit: we just adding Google Drive link.
  7. kokozhang

    RMMV Insurgence - Second Assault

    Insurgence - Second Assault Current Status: In Development | Type: Commercial | Platform: PC Steam Synopsis Insurgence is a 2D Role Playing Game with Visual Novel elements, Enjoy the classic RPG experience and discover the meaning of redemption and friendship within the Insurgence movement...
  8. kokozhang

    Pre-Title Events

    finnaly ! i really want this one. thanks for the great works !
  9. kokozhang

    Common Event Window

    this is awesome ! , i am gonna use this plugin for sure

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