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  1. mauvebutterfly

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Those trees were probably worth more lumberjack job experience points since they were harder to access. NPCs need to level up too! (Actually they don't in most games I guess.)
  2. mauvebutterfly


    It sounds like the gun is effectively just a (bunch of) grenade(s) with this implementation. It becomes a case of weighing consumable item use if I'm understanding this correctly. I have enjoyed this kind of thing in the past. Gives you alternative options early on or gives the mage/healer...
  3. mauvebutterfly

    Let's talk about escaping from battle

    Thanks @Doktor_Q and @Wavelength for the advice. My intention was to have a short game that would only take a couple of hours to play through. No plot or character development. Just combat and exploration. I was also thinking roguelike mechanics would work (levels are randomly selected and...
  4. mauvebutterfly

    Thoughts on Simulated Results

    I agree with this logic, but if I was in that position I'd take a step back and think about what this actually means from the player's perspective, rather than from the developer's perspective. If players are doing this, it means that something about your game isn't fun for them. Should you just...
  5. mauvebutterfly

    Thoughts on Simulated Results

    Example 2 seems like the kind of thing where most players would just save their game before reading the scroll and reload if they don't learn the spell. It seems like more of a nuisance than a feature people would enjoy. Even if it was reversible or had a relatively small cost associated with...
  6. mauvebutterfly

    What are your thoughts on mini-limit breaks? I.e. Preserved TP for them?

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky has a simple but satisfying take on mini-limits. Characters have an ultimate move that they can unleash at any time once they have 100TP (or CP, as I think they're called in-game). However, characters have a maximum of 200TP, so they continue to collect TP...
  7. mauvebutterfly

    Let's talk about escaping from battle

    My project is a dungeon crawler (keep the first few projects simple, right?) and I've been thinking about how to do encounters and escapes. I'm using a system where there are a fixed number of encounters per room, but they are triggered via random encounter. Escape has a 100% success rate, but...
  8. mauvebutterfly

    HP and MP on a Level up

    When attrition is a balance consideration, I'd probably prefer gaining health and mana equal to the increase in their max values on level-up. Go from 100 to 110 max hp? Gain (heal) 10 hp in the process. This way the level-up can still feel immediately impactful without completely removing the...
  9. mauvebutterfly

    Event RPG Maker 29th Birthday: Release Something Event

    I just got a new project idea recently, so I'll see if I can find time to throw something together for this.
  10. mauvebutterfly

    Do you have a preference on how many party members you like in turn based battles?

    For me this would completely depend on the complexity of the combat system (and to a lesser extent how complicated gear or level up mechanics are for each character). In a complicated roguelike game like Tales of Maj'Eyal having only a single character is enough complexity, since in late game...
  11. mauvebutterfly

    The Need for Experience and Levels

    Regarding combining level scaling with an open world, Tales of Maj'Eyal did a pretty good job with that. When you have 6 tier 1 dungeons that the player can do in any order, how do you make levelling relevant while simultaneously avoid making dungeons done later too trivial? Monster/zone level...
  12. mauvebutterfly

    Balanced 4-Person Party

    As far as having an OP character, I was musing once over what a Sailor Moon RPG would look like. Basically only Sailor Moon would actually be able to defeat the enemies, and the other scouts would just have to be decoys or cover for her until she decides to actually use her overpowered move and...
  13. mauvebutterfly

    Probabilities, RNGs and other statistics shenanigans.

    I played a game recently where I had a character who was the status ailment character. She had moves like 'stun strike', 'blind strike', 'venom strike' etc. Basically, she would have an attack (that did more damage than her default attack) that had a chance of also landing a state. I used every...
  14. mauvebutterfly

    Use of a Second Language in Game

    As a language instructor I would recommend against doing word for word translations (unless you were only teaching nouns for some reason). I am actually developing a language-learning game in RPG Maker myself, and what I've chosen to do is have two separate game modes: class and adventure. Class...
  15. mauvebutterfly

    Status ailments that persist after the battle end

    This one can be really annoying. I played a game that I really enjoyed for the most part, but unfortunately ending battles got a bit tedious. Every action you did against a monster gave you experience, so the optimal strategy was to reduce the enemies to a single creature and then spam your...
  16. mauvebutterfly

    Status ailments that persist after the battle end

    Having states that do both positive and negative things could allow for some strategic decisions if states persist after battle. In Final Fantasy VII speedruns the runner deliberately inflicts sadness on themselves using an item outside of combat. This state makes you take less damage but has...
  17. mauvebutterfly

    What do you do with elements in your game?

    Simplifying the elemental system can be good, but it's possible to get stuck in a strange middle-ground that feels awkward. As an example, I want to talk about Warlock, which is a TBS, not an RPG, but the same concepts apply. In Warlock there are 6 "elements": melee, ranged, life, death...
  18. mauvebutterfly

    How do you know how hard your puzzles are?

    Training your player is a good technique as well. Wavelength mentions players not considering going back to hit switches multiple times, or switches that start in the correct setting and doing need to be activated at all. If you are doing something like this, have a really easy puzzle early on...
  19. mauvebutterfly

    How do you know how hard your puzzles are?

    Something that's probably obvious but still worth starting is that the more choices your players have, the harder the puzzle will be. Less obvious, but something I've personally noticed with block puzzles, is that the more stuff you put in the puzzle, the less actual moves there are for the...
  20. mauvebutterfly

    What types of puzzles do you prefer creating/playing in RM?

    I love puzzles. I love RPGs. I prefer that these things be kept separate (although I do enjoy DROD RPG, which might be an example of a puzzle RPG depending on how you classify things). The problem is that in most RPG games the puzzles just don't fit well. They block progress, or they are...

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