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  1. Shades of Battler, Animated (380), DragonBones (173)

    understood. I will use the material. thanks you.
  2. Shades of Battler, Animated (380), DragonBones (173)

    I'm using Google Translate, so it may be strange, but please forgive me. I downloaded a wonderful material. thanks you. What should I do with the credit notation when using this material? Should I write the name and URL?
  3. LvL Stop

    ShadowDragon Thank you very much :kaoblush: It was very easy to understand. I succeeded:kaojoy: It was a script command, not a plugin command. I was Japanese, so I didn't understand it, so I was saved. Thank you very much:kaoluv:
  4. LvL Stop

    Nice to meet you, I'm Ten. I am using this plugin. I have a question. Do you use the plugin command "AitorEngine.lvlStop.canLvlUp (ActorID)" to stop the level increase? How can I restart it again? When you execute the above plugin command, the level does not rise even if you manually upgrade the...

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