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  1. Bug in Javascript plugin

    Thank you. That's a mistake I made. However, when I "talk" to a monster, it calls the "passive" plugin command. So it should update the monster's HP, but it doesn't. Each time i talk to him, his HP value is reset. Do this have something to do with the plugin command "setupEnemy" that's still...
  2. Animations via javascript

    Yep. Thanks!
  3. Bug in Javascript plugin

    Hello. I'm making a very simple ARPG plugin , and I can't get my code working correctly. Here it is:   /*: * @plugindesc This plugin is an A-RPG test * @author Skymen * * @param Player ATK * @desc Defines the player's atk * @default 100 * * * @help Description goes here */var parameters =...
  4. Animations via javascript

    Hi, I'm trying to make some very basic A-RPG plugin, and I would like to know how to play an animation on an event via Javascript.
  5. Plugin commands in scripting

    Thanks! :D If I get some issue, I'll tell you :3 EDIT: OK, from there, how do I actually retrieve the event's name and note?
  6. Plugin commands in scripting

    I would like to (in the script) retrieve the data from the event (like its name, litle note/description box besid the name box) that called the plugin command. For exemple, I want to create an event that would call some plugin command. The plugin would would test if the value is, for exemple...
  7. Display bug

    Thanks it was my graphics drivers that were not up to date.
  8. Display bug

    Hi, I recently installed MV on my old PC, but I have a diplay bug: The "file", "edit", "game", etc tabs work, but no text or image will display. Can someone help me?
  9. YEP scripts error

    Yep, downloaded them about 10 minutes before posting on yanfly's new website. Pretty sure they're up to date.
  10. YEP scripts error

    Hi, I've been testing around all scripts I found, and I got an error with Yanfly's scripts :s This one by just having YEP-Core installed This one is when I clic on an "unnamed" button that have been added in the options menu...
  11. Skip Title Screen

    Hey, I've made a full event title screen on Ace that I converted to MV, However, I would like to skip the default MV title screen, so I don't have two title screens.
  12. RPG Maker MV Documentation.

    Hi, can someone do or post a link of the MV's documentation. Cause I'm new to JS and I'm not willing to read  31910 lines to hope understand what's going on. The other versions had a "help" section where enterbrain listed all possible commands in all possible ways. Also JS is not as readable as...
  13. Variable Party Synergy Systems

    Okay, if you could gimme EXACTLY the commands you wanna get, I'll try doing a code base for you to use in events (or in scripts) so that you can do what you wanna do. For the moment, these are what I'll do:  CONDITIONS is_present? is_in_row?(int) same_row?(id1, id2) same_column?(id1, id2...
  14. Battle Wheel/Scroll Attack

    Is that ok? Without the gray part.
  15. Battle Wheel/Scroll Attack

    Wat do you mean by "making a wheel", Mainking a picture for the wheel, or actually programing the wheel? Also, you have that "Edit" Button to avoid double posting (and to avoid making that handsome moderator come and write in a beautiful blue that double posting is indeed bad)
  16. Need to Add Text to Menu?

    Yep, and that would give you that (just modify your Scene_Menu) And MeowFace's Menu is better I think, so if you happen to make his work, use it :D :   class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase def start super create_command_window create_help_window end def create_help_window...
  17. NPC Running Away Pathfind script

    Well, as I said earlier, if you install RMEx scripts, you'll b able to use those two commands: and
  18. Need to Add Text to Menu?

    Well, You could trick the whole thing, keep your Help window exactly as it is right now, and set both window opacities down to 0 (or only the help window's). That would give us the impression that th text is centered whil it is not.
  19. NPC Running Away Pathfind script

    I think because you can't get the efent's position. Erm, if you actually could, that would solve the whole thing :)
  20. Need to Add Text to Menu?

    You may wanna add this: class Window_Help < Window_Base#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Object Initialization#-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize(line_number = 2) super((Graphics.width - width)...

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