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  1. Dice damage formula

    Anyone know how can I use dice for damage? Ex: You rolled a 7 you've dealt some damage. Kind of like D&D.
  2. iconset conversion ace > MV

    Ok before I begin: I'm not referring to yanfly's set at all. I would like the biggest iconset made for ace to be converted into MV please.
  3. animated battler help

    I made a two frame battler but I'd like for the picture to switch to the 2nd frame when it can I do this?
  4. possible cooking oriented game?

    is it possible to make a game like restaurant story, bakery story ect? You know like buy certain ingredients have customers walk in and out giving you money and have special items that be earned with events to speed up the cooking process.
  5. lever help

    Ok I'm trying to get a lever to go back to the middle position after use. Ex: "Do you want to pull the handle?" >When left > sound effect A plays >graphic changes to lever pulled left "Do you you want restart?" >when yes > graphic changes to to lever in the middle position "Do you want...
  6. question about the formula

    Due to copyright and permission being too complicated and getting denied by the creator of the avatar site I was using for busts...the previous project has been shut down. ----------- On to topic: I'm trying to make a game where theres dice play in the formula...I have a demo...but I wanna...
  7. looking for a few things

    I'm looking for the following: a screen picture with a girl in a shop or just a shop itself some minimalist music for the shops and the maps and preferably modern-day tilesets ALL MUST BE FREE!  Emphasizing free because I'm not allowed to pay online
  8. client/customer events

    Ok so I tried to make a simple customer system for the shop you own but the client doesn't leave the party when should. I have the selfswitch A enabled on a 2nd event page but she still lingers there and the other sprite still remains when it should've disappeared.
  9. I don't know what it's asking me to fix!

    I just inputted vlue's crafting system and I changed a few things to fit the game such as "alchemy" to "Baking" and also changed the icon # abit and when I go the menu to see the changes it crashes saying "line 254 no implicit  conversion from nil to integer" and im looking at the line and idk...
  10. NPC Like/Hate Meter

    I'm working on a everyday life project and I'd like the choices people choose to determine how much the NPC starts to like/hate the player based off the options.I don't know if its been made by google tells me no.
  11. Need an fantasy elven based windowskin

    I'm going to make an elven based game...if i ever get a good name on what to call the project  and I would like a fancy elven windowskin please  :wub:

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