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  1. Pixie_Virus

    Need help moving MV from laptop to PC

    I purchased MV a while ago directly from the site and, have since, obtained a PC. I would like to transfer the software, but am unversed in such processes. I've read several things about a Steam key and am not sure where to go about finding that. I've rifled through my emails, and finding...
  2. Pixie_Virus

    Does creating a species count as art?

    I've created and have been developing a couple of new species. I'd like to put them out there, and see what people think of them. For right now I want to keep them for myself, but I plan on working out their histories, and fleshing out a couple of good characters before I release them for free...
  3. Pixie_Virus

    The self/control switch is not doing the appropriate thing

    I am trying to do an event in which the character walks away, turns, then says something in their new spot. I have tried both one continuous event, and another event triggered by a control switch. Self-Switch First, I tried movement then a self-switch. This worked two days ago, but when I...
  4. Pixie_Virus

    Animations outside of battle

    I'm trying to do animations out of battle, but it is not working. And I can not find a tutorial on how to do it right. I've done the "Show Animation" event, but it is still not appearing.
  5. Pixie_Virus

    Not sure where to start with events and stuff

    I've finished all maps, but am at a loss. Do I do the event chains, random NPC stuff, then environmental things, or do I do them in a different order? Also is it okay to use one of MV's maps in my actual game, or do I need to alter it to a certain point? Do these questions even go in this forum...
  6. Pixie_Virus


    I can not figure out how to make the waterfalls that come off of the 'Floating Temple" in the premade maps. If this is a custom block, I do not see why it is included in the base maker. When I right click to copy it just gives me the one that is available in the tileset which is not the one I...
  7. Pixie_Virus

    New to this.

    Just figured I should pop in and say hello. Working on a practice game while I flesh out my plot for the big game I want to make.

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