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  1. AwesomeCool

    Mighty No.9 Credit's lasts over 3 hours

    3 hours and 48 minutes to be exact. I wonder how many are happy with the final product...
  2. AwesomeCool

    Fallout 4, any good mods (especially RPG ones) yet?

    Looking to see if Fallout 4 is worth playing again now that GECK is out. Any good mods, especially ones that add more RPG elements?
  3. AwesomeCool

    Xbox 1.5 and PS4.5, this is a terrible idea isn't it?

    There have been rumors of a more powerful PS4 being released and now reports of a more powerful Xbox One being released. What do you guys think of this? I personally think it is a really bad idea.  Companies will totally neglect one of the two systems (thus hurting the consumer of that...
  4. AwesomeCool

    Final Fantasy is feared to be a dying franchise that has long passed it's peak to Square Enix...

    ... according to FF15 director. No I am not bsing anyone (source: To put it shortly, it seems that Square Enix is fearing that gamers are not interested in the Final Fantasy series anymore...
  5. AwesomeCool

    No info on RPG Maker MV: 3D edition yet?

    So I have found a leak with info about the new 3D RPG Maker here: When are we going to get more info about this?  I am so excited and cannot wait for it to be released on June 24th! edit: Video has been blocked.  Thus confirming that it is legit.
  6. AwesomeCool

    Do you have any games that you didn't think you would enjoy till you played it?

    I am sure plenty of us enjoyed games that we initially thought we wouldn't like and ended up loving the game in the end (whether you went in with little to no expectations, forced to play it by a friend or even played it to find things to hate about it). Do you have any games that you were...
  7. AwesomeCool

    Cannot post in topics within the Social Media Announcements section

    I tried posting in this thread: ...and realized that there is no way for me to. At first I thought the option was disabled for members, but someone then posted in the thread. I also realized that this applies to all the threads in that section for me (and perhaps others). Is it...
  8. AwesomeCool

    Events separated from maps

    I always thought it would be neat if events where managed separately from maps.  In an event manager of sorts. Some major pros I see from this: All events will be in the same place for organization purposes (and perhaps let users categorize them in sections the way they want). Since...
  9. AwesomeCool

    What is your most anticipated game coming out this year?

    It is now 2016 and I was curious what games you are looking forward to this year. For me it is For Honor. Game preview: ...and Persona 5: What are you waiting for?
  10. AwesomeCool

    Would you pay $70 for games if dlc and micro-transactions went down in quantity and price?

    I keep hearing about micro-transactions and dlc as a result of the industry getting more greedy.  How games are getting smaller due to greed.  How Publisher greed is ruining the industry. But isn't it the customers that are being unreasonably greedy?   Games are more expensive to make then...
  11. AwesomeCool

    Anyway to allow users to enter a variable amount of data for a plug-in?

    I am speaking of a list that the user can define the amount of entries (ex: a script to make custom stats with the user defining how many stats that he/she wants). The only ways I can find to do this is notetags and using a thrid-party method. -Notetags are great for some types of lists, but...
  12. AwesomeCool

    Another Game, another Deceptive Marketing technique used to get more sales

    This time Ubisoft used false advertising to sell more pre-orders Heroes of Might and Magic 7 collector editions...
  13. AwesomeCool

    Mechanics in games that you cannot stand?

    What are some mechanics in games that you cannot stand? I personally cannot stand false choices. choices that lead to loops, immediate game overs, one choice is obviously the right one in every way. I cannot stand them! Why include a choice when there really is no point to the choice?  It...
  14. AwesomeCool

    Light rays, fog, and the like (help on making them)

    i have seen lots of users mention how they found ways on making good light rays and fogs. Does anyone have any good tutorials/methods on making good fog and light ray overlays (especially light rays for me)?
  15. AwesomeCool

    Do Wild Steam (and the future HF) packs follow the old rules for use outside of RPG maker?

    In the past, resource packs (before Wild Steam) was confirmed that they could be used outside of RPG maker. But Wild Steam is sold at two different prices now: $29.99( $59.99(
  16. AwesomeCool

    Annoying cut offs in status feed posts.

    I feel annoyance every time a status feed post I am making is cut off. Is it possible to let the user know when the post character limit has been reached?
  17. AwesomeCool

    What scripts are you planning to make for RPG Maker MV? (for collaborative purposes)

    I am hoping to make a list of what scripters are planning to make for MV (and keep it updated).     Why? To help scripters see what bases are going to be covered for MV (when planning what to make) and to help prevent too many of the same type of script being made (like atb and side view systems...
  18. AwesomeCool

    Snake? SNAKE! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKE!? V: The Phantom Pain

    Anybody else super excited for MGS5? The more I hear about it, the more I cry I don't have it. :P
  19. AwesomeCool

    Castlevenia fans rejoice! New Castlevenia game and it...

    ... makes me go why? Does Konami really hate there fans this much?
  20. AwesomeCool

    going to forums from rpg maker web home page

    I tried going to the forums from the home page and it instead directed me to a page that google is telling me is dangerous.

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