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  1. Jory4001

    Quasi Movement

    I discovered the Issue, It was actually caused by KSU_ParallaxSmoothing.js but as a result of QuasiMovement.js. KSU_ParallaxSmoothing was causing issues when the player's pixel.X or pixel.Y was an Odd number creating decimals and sometimes rounding in a direction that caused the 1 pixel...
  2. Jory4001

    Quasi Movement

    *Solved on my next post on page 20* I am Having an Issue with Parallax mapping and the Movement Plugin. I am Using TDDP_BindPictureToMap.js Plugin to bind my overlays to the map. My issue is, when an edge of the map is not visible on the screen, the picture overlay shifts up 1 pixel or...
  3. Jory4001

    Elemental Diminishing Returns!

    I have 2 items, they both give 15% resistance to Fire, so I make the element rate 85% for each. When calculated together though, instead of 30% it is 28% resistance. I waded through the code a bit but couldn't find where the rate is calculated, any idea how to change this? After testing...
  4. Jory4001

    Is it safe to modify LUK?

    I use my Luck stat as a rarity indicator. The luck stat itself is never displayed to the player, but weapons and armor with higher luck are rarer drops and certain thresholds will change the colour of the weapon or armor's name to show its rarity, ei, Green =  uncommon, blue = rare. and I...
  5. Jory4001

    "Unable to read file Game.rpgproject"

    I understand it would be faster to leave the files open, however we are talking about 3 kilobyte text files here... Also, CLOUD! I have this with steam, I May have a backup in their cloud! Thanks man!
  6. Jory4001

    "Unable to read file Game.rpgproject"

    Well this is majorly unfortunate. I had a blue screen crash today, first time in many years. When I opened my MV project, I got the "Unable to read game.rpgproject" error. I switched it out and got continued errors: Plugins.js CommonEvents.json MapInfos.json System.json All...
  7. Jory4001

    Conditional Script Help!

    Thanks, I knew about nesting the Conditionals, but that is very inefficient! the .value was what I was missing! I Checked the forums and google and found nothing, I also checked the script call equivalent page and it only showed how to set a variable. Thanks for the Help!
  8. Jory4001

    Conditional Script Help!

    I have an event with a conditional that needs the "Script" so it can check multiple things at once, If (A < C) && (A > D) Then... I tried: $gameVariables.(26) > 60 && $gameVariables(26) < 81; but I get a syntax error "(" I am fairly familiar with javascript conditionals and have do...
  9. Jory4001

    IMPORTANT! People that have been using Kaus's "Asteria Tileset" DO NOT USE IT!!

    I just realized I am using Kaus Ultimate Overlay plugin. Is there any way to find out if this plugin is legit? I am considering removing it from my project just out of non-association. At least parallax mapping can still be easily achieved by other means, and there hasn't been a lot of...
  10. Jory4001

    IMPORTANT! People that have been using Kaus's "Asteria Tileset" DO NOT USE IT!!

    Well I'm seriously disappointed. I saw his thread yesterday and downloaded the assets to make some of my own edits, guess they can all head to my recycle bin now... better yet just shift-delete them. :headshake: For people who paid for a license, if a refund is not given with a week I...
  11. Jory4001

    MV Critical Popup

    Introduction I always thought the little flash of red wasn't enough to signify a critical hit, so I made this! Features - This Plugin will add a "Critical" popup above the damage popup. - Customizable through use of the damage.png in the system graphics It uses the damage.png...
  12. Jory4001

    State Not applying Critical on first attack [Solved]

    Awesome, I found the eval of the damage formula, evaluating the formula before hit is calculated allows the Hit and Crit changes to affect the skill immediately. Then re-evaluating afterwards to adjust damage if that crit took place! Now I can have a skill what has a natural increased...
  13. Jory4001

    State Not applying Critical on first attack [Solved]

    I have been having problems with a formula. I have reduced it to "a.addState(a); 10" for testing purposes. State(a) increases critical chance by 100% The state gets applied to the actor as it's icon shows up, however the damage dealt does not crit, it stays "10" If I make the skill...
  14. Jory4001

    State Icon displaying Under Battler [SOLVED]

    I am using the newest, unmodified version of Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies. When an ability adds a state to an enemy it appear under the enemy graphic. This is a problem with the Anchor. Changing the anchor to put the Icon in a correct position moves the Status Overlay, Shadow...
  15. Jory4001

    YanFly Save Core crashing game ;-;

    I am getting the same  error. Line 1248 inside YEP_SaveCore.js is the culprit. StorageManager.cleanBackup(this.savefileId()); Open up the YEP_SaveCore.js file with notepad++ and scroll to line 1248, put a "//" minus the quotations infront of the line of code as such...
  16. Jory4001

    Boosting damages when low HP

    You could have the class skills damage forunla -a.hp so the more health the user has the less damage they deal. In the damage forumla you could calculate the % of hp the user has and multiply the basic damage forumla by half the % to get the effect you want. On my phone atm, but it would be...
  17. Jory4001

    Help with Elemental melee enchantment animations.

    Use yanflys action sequenece plugins. You can make the character move infront of the enemy, swing thier currently equipped weapon and play the elemental animation on the monster a few frames after. This would give the effect of the weapon dealing elemental damage. I would post a skill i made...
  18. Jory4001

    Bug Found

    Are you using yanflys core plugin as i believe it overides the max level with a plugin parameter for max level.
  19. Jory4001


    If your not using the other stats like strenth mana magic defence ect. You can rename one of them as Charisma/CHR. Then you can easily add item bonuses to that stat. Other options are always available however we would need more information on how your implementing the charisma stat and what...
  20. Jory4001

    Is it possible to lower a party members Max HP during battle?

    I am fairly sure you can lower maxhp using the parameters with a State. And then you can add that state to be cured by the heal spell.

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