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  1. erikmidnatt

    (Resolved) Loading Error with Encrypted deployment

    EDIT RESOLVED: Figured it out. It's Galv's plugin for the title screen that needs the regular image. so I fixed it, for now. I hope ^_^ -------------------- I am on version 1.5.0 I have encrypted my deployment My project was "updated" to 1.5.0 via the method defined in...
  2. erikmidnatt

    Adjusting an event sprite script to work for single characters

    So I'm working with the lovely MBS_FPLE plugin for MV and it has the ability to show sprite events in a first person dungeon crawler. However it only works with the sheets designed for 8 characters. I've spent several hours myself tinkering with the script, it seems like it would be relatively...
  3. erikmidnatt

    Help me make a Battle Menu for 1 Actor/party member

    I want to have just a single party member for a project. But the battle menu defaults to room for 4. I only care about the battle menu for this simple project, if it was a bigger project I would wait for a plugin to help work the UI. However for such a simple task I figure I could just modify...
  4. erikmidnatt

    Animated Battlers for Front View

    We have a lot of requests for animated SV battlers, and one plugin already out there. Which is great. But we are still lacking front view animated battlers! I just looked through 8 pages of requests, and I don't think this specific request was in there. I think support for the same...
  5. erikmidnatt

    How to Reposition Party Member Battlers in combat

    in side view...I know YEP Core has a re position feature but it's only horizontal spacing so the battlers aren't squished in the middle of the screen.  I just want to give the party members a bit more vertical spacing. I need for them to have more room from each other. 2 reasons, one is I am...
  6. erikmidnatt

    Yanfly Engine ACE features for MV

    This request is focused on improving the front view battle visualization. Front view lacks a lot of visual feedback that would make it more enjoyable. I really liked a few of the Yanfly scripts for ACE, particular Battle Engine and Cast Animations in combination with each other. I am lumping...

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