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  1. Jory4001

    Elemental Diminishing Returns!

    I have 2 items, they both give 15% resistance to Fire, so I make the element rate 85% for each. When calculated together though, instead of 30% it is 28% resistance. I waded through the code a bit but couldn't find where the rate is calculated, any idea how to change this? After testing...
  2. Jory4001

    Conditional Script Help!

    I have an event with a conditional that needs the "Script" so it can check multiple things at once, If (A < C) && (A > D) Then... I tried: $gameVariables.(26) > 60 && $gameVariables(26) < 81; but I get a syntax error "(" I am fairly familiar with javascript conditionals and have do...
  3. Jory4001

    MV Critical Popup

    Introduction I always thought the little flash of red wasn't enough to signify a critical hit, so I made this! Features - This Plugin will add a "Critical" popup above the damage popup. - Customizable through use of the damage.png in the system graphics It uses the damage.png...
  4. Jory4001

    State Not applying Critical on first attack [Solved]

    I have been having problems with a formula. I have reduced it to "a.addState(a); 10" for testing purposes. State(a) increases critical chance by 100% The state gets applied to the actor as it's icon shows up, however the damage dealt does not crit, it stays "10" If I make the skill...
  5. Jory4001

    State Icon displaying Under Battler [SOLVED]

    I am using the newest, unmodified version of Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies. When an ability adds a state to an enemy it appear under the enemy graphic. This is a problem with the Anchor. Changing the anchor to put the Icon in a correct position moves the Status Overlay, Shadow...
  6. Jory4001

    [RMMV] Map Grid?

    Anyone figure out how to turn on the map grid in the editor? Or is this another feature Ace had that MV doesn't? In Ace you could set a Map Grid with a  custom Horizontal/Vertical size.
  7. Jory4001

    [RMMV] Display Actor(ID) face on gamescreen

    I am looking to display the face of an Actor by actorId on the gamescreen (map) by event Script Call, without creating a new window, creating a transparent window would work as well. I have searched forums and the .js code and tried things like: drawface($
  8. Jory4001

    Get # of Party Members

    I am performing actions based on the Party members actor IDs. However if there is no party member present in one or more of the checked party slots, the game returns an error. How can I first check how many party members there are so I can set when to break the loop? Below is what I'm trying...
  9. Jory4001

    [RMMV] Window Status Conditional

    I am editing rpg_windows.js Around line 2550 there is the Window Status drawBlock1 this is my code: Window_Status.prototype.drawBlock1 = function(y) {     var lineHeight = this.lineHeight();     this.contents.fontSize = 30;     this.drawActorName(this._actor, 172, 48, 300);   ...
  10. Jory4001

    [RMMV] Toggle TP display in battle

    I want the actor to start out with only HP and MP, then later have access to TP. I found the Display TP in Battle variable: $dataSystem.optDisplayTp, but I don't know how to make an event to change it's value to on/off. Do I use the "Script" event? Is it a Boolean set to "true" or "false" or...
  11. Jory4001

    [RMMV] Positioning Enemy Battlers

    Is there a way to position enemy battlers by pixel coordinates? Draging them around the screen thats a fraction of the size of the real battle window is very inaccurate and doesnt work right when changing the resolution. I have a monster that has additional parts you can attack individualy and...
  12. Jory4001

    [RMMV] Script for Event and Actor Map X,Y

    I looked through the Script Call Equivalent post and I did a few searches and didn't find the whole answer to what I was looking for. I found $gameMap.regionId(x, y); on the Script Call Equivalent page, but I need to know the variable of the Actor's Map X/Y as well as getting an Event's Map X/Y...
  13. Jory4001

    [MV] Shadow Tiles not displaying in game correctly

    I have covered the "Outsides" of buildings for my interior maps with the Shadow tiles, however in game some seemingly random locations have the shadows removed. Possible Bug? *** Added screen shot of current plugins I am using.
  14. Jory4001

    Set Movement Route forces face down.

    I have a Door, It starts closed (Face Down) it opens on action use (to face up) When I go to close the door, the Set Movement Route has: Face Right Face Left Face Down For some reason it always goes to "Face Down" then starts the Movement route. -Face Down-(Not wanted) Face Right Face...
  15. Jory4001

    Yanfly Cast Animations playing Flipped

    The cast animations for skills set up with the notetag <Cast Animation: x> with Yanfly's YEP_BattleEngineCore are playing Horizontaly flipped. Is this a working as intended feature? If so, an option to not flip the animation would be great! The only other mods active are: YEP_CoreEngine...
  16. Jory4001

    Hit % Calculation Confusion

    Hello, I am having diffuculty understanding the "Hit Calculations" or formula in VX Ace. My Character's EX-Param"Hit" is set to 95% and I noticed that my entire party would miss (not evade) almost every single attack. I Searched the forums and googled like crazy and all I could find was...
  17. Jory4001

    Jory4001's Resources!

      #Jory4001's Resources. 1.) I will be posting all my custom graphics here for all to use in any Non-Commercial game. 2.) The resources I create will all be for RPG Maker VX Ace, feel free to edit them for use in other rpg maker versions. 3.) Please give credit where due, and do not re-upload...
  18. Jory4001

    Age of Adventure - Demo Available

        Download temporarily removed until newest version 54mbs RTP Required Last Updated: Mar 2nd 2014     Age of Adventure is a Cartoon Style Fantasy Dungeon Crawler.   Two worlds, Triffilem and Brullandun have physically collided causing massive destruction and the merger of the worlds into one...
  19. Jory4001

    New to Forums, Just a Question...

    Hey I am new to the Forums here, and new to posting in general. I made a post in the "In Development" area and didn't know about the rules/guidelines for posting and didn't include Tags as I was unsure of what to put there. only after did I see the sticky post on how to post and saw Tags were...

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