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  1. eBuddy

    Pixel Unity and IconSet.png Problem

    Hello developers! Has anyone faced an issue with pixel size? My problem stems from the usage of Pokémon FireRed version's tiles. And because pokemon tiles are 16x16 and MV is 48x48, I just tripled their size to make them fit, fun and simple. This in turn, makes the smallest particle of my game...
  2. eBuddy

    Remove item icon to display only text?

    Hello! Could someone point me to the exact spot in the js-files that tell the game to display the icon of items in your inventory. I would like my item menu scene to display only the name and quantity. Thank you, and happy designing! :kaohi:
  3. eBuddy

    Vehicle animation issue

    Your suggestion sounds super good! I suppose then I'd have to make it visible again at some other point in the code? What I have, is a common event named "Flippers On" and it executes when the player uses the item. It basically checks the direction which the player is facing, and then checks...
  4. eBuddy

    Vehicle animation issue

  5. eBuddy

    Vehicle animation issue

    Hello! I have made custom sprites for the ship so that it looks like my main character is swimming. I managed to make the "get on vehicle" smooth, so the vehicle and player don't show at the same time. The issue is when the player gets off the vehicle. The swimming player (vehicle sprite) is...
  6. eBuddy

    Water Tile Animation Issue

    I just might be that my computer is to blame.. My friend has 16 Gt of ram and I have 8. Water looks smooth on his computer, but not on mine. :kaosigh:
  7. eBuddy

    I'm unsure of what to do.

    You could use "Set Movement Route". You can use the "Change Image" to use a different image from your img\character folder. :kaopride:
  8. eBuddy

    Importing sound issue

    I've understood that .ogg is for Mac and .m4a is for other platforms. Since all the sounds featured with the software came in both formats, I converted the sound into both formats just to be safe. :kaopride: I used this site for my audio conversions: Remember not to...
  9. eBuddy

    Water Tile Animation Issue

    Hello everyone! I'm new here but I've browsed through these forums before. So, don't bash me if I seem like a noob. :kaodes: I'm having an issue with the animated water tiles. The tiles update frames in a slightly different pace, making the view look like a giant wave of updated tiles. The...

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