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  1. cthulhusquid

    State Icons Not Updating Immedietly

    I've come across a weird issue. My combat system revolves around states being added or removed based on the actors TP level, but the state icons aren't being refreshed as often as I like. Like, I'll use a skill, the new state will get added and old one removed, but the state icons won't update...
  2. cthulhusquid

    Skeleton Eye Sockets and Nose for MZ

    I'd like skeleton eyes and a nose for the MZ face generator, as there is a distinct lack of monster face parts.
  3. cthulhusquid

    Slavic-style Wood Statues/Idols for VX Ace

    I have a tile request for VX Ace. Slavic-style wood statues/idols, two-box vertical size, clean and mossy versions. They are supposed to be representations of tree spirits, but since I have no particular ideas of what I want them to look like besides humanoid, go wild.
  4. cthulhusquid

    Selchar's Equip Repair Scene and Calestian's Multiple Currencies

    Currently Selchar's Equip Repair Scene costs gold, but I want it to use alternative currencies. I'm using Calestian's Multiple Currencies, and want the Repair Scene to work with it.
  5. cthulhusquid

    Fallout-style Random Vendor

    I've already tried Simple Random Shop v. 1.0 and it didn't work how I wanted. It chose blocks of items from the database instead of choosing items individually, so you had the same shop combinations extremely often. I'd like to have vendors in the style of the 3d fallout games, where you can...
  6. cthulhusquid

    Weird move route glitch

    For some reason, some of my move routes work and others don't. The ones that don't, only partially work then the sprite stops moving. If the event happens to be set as a parallel process, then moving your character makes the other sprite move route complete. The tileset is the default, nothing...
  7. cthulhusquid

    RMMZ Duplicate Party Members?

    Is there any plugins that allows for more than 1 of an actor in the party?
  8. cthulhusquid

    RMVXA Under Dark Skies [One Map Challenge]

    Warning: This "game" has flashing lights, and a short loud music part. So this is my One Map Challenge "game". It's a short horror cutscene focused on aliens, make of it what you will. Credits are included in the game files. Features: Full screen functionality by pressing F5. Creepy ambient...
  9. cthulhusquid

    What do you prefer for world maps?

    I've always struggled with this question. Should world maps be big, small, linear, open, detailed, simple? I have a vague idea of what I want a world map for one of my new MZ projects to look like, but have no idea what the general opinion of world maps are.
  10. cthulhusquid

    Event sounds bug out and create lag

    So I have 3 parallel process events that are supposed to give you radiation when entering different zones. Each one has a different sound, and gives different amounts. They work fine when by themselves, but if I try to run more than one the sounds fluctuate between not working and speeding up...
  11. cthulhusquid

    How to change rarity function of Galv's Random Loot 1.4/5

    Currently, Galv's Random Loot chooses what you get based on two rarity numbers, one low and one high. It chooses a number in between those, and the loot you get is either equal or less than the rarity it chose. I want to make the low number the floor, where the number it chooses is equal to or...
  12. cthulhusquid

    Need a modified version of Selchar's Equip Scene (or new repair script)

    I am using Selchar's weapon and armor durability scripts, but their Repair Equip Scene script leaves a lot to be desired. Instead of costing gold, I want repairs to use a specific item in your inventory. It would be great if a lot of the bloat, like the text descriptions for repairing stuff...
  13. cthulhusquid

    Show state turns outside of battle (Yanfly Buff & State Manager)

    Yanfly's Buff & State Manager allows me to see how many turns a state has left on it, but the only problem is the turns only show in battle. I need a way to show the turns outside of battle, because I have a state that is supposed to kill you when it runs out.
  14. cthulhusquid

    Items with multiple common events not running all of them

    I've come across a weird issue. Some of my items have multiple common events, but for some reason the game only wants to run 1 of them at a time. Which event takes precedence changes when you move them around in the item effect box. This conflict is mainly happening with Yanfly's Gab Window...
  15. cthulhusquid

    Consumable Item Effects

    Making a wide variety of items that are easily differentiated is something that I've always had a hard time with. What kind of consumable items do you have in your games, and how do you make each one unique? For instance, I'm trying to come up with street drug effects, but beyond the name I'm...
  16. cthulhusquid

    RMVXA [Demo] Battle Castle: Shadow From the Past [Story-Focused Dark Fantasy]

    Content Warning: Contains use of alcohol, mild language, mild suggestive themes. The demo covers the first fourth to third of the story. This is a dialogue-heavy game, so don't expect to skip past everything and understand what is going on. Story: Battle Kingdom has gone through two immensely...
  17. cthulhusquid

    Help with Yanfly's Enemy Target Info

    Script link here: I've run into an issue where I need to display more than 8 elements, but the script is limited to 8. Multiple other people on this forum, and on Yanfly's site, have asked this...
  18. cthulhusquid

    Battle System recommendation for a modern setting game

    I hope this is the right place for this thread. Anyway, I have a post apocalyptic game I've been working on for awhile, and want to get away from the default battle system. I would prefer a turn-based tactical system like Silent Storm or XCom (cover mechanics, hit chance increases/lowers based...
  19. cthulhusquid

    Hit Chance Poll

    I know this can be a divisive topic among people, since a lot of people hate RNG but there are also people who feel it is necessary for their game. What kind of hit chance range do you prefer/think is the most fun without causing issues? Is 100% Hit Chance needed for people to enjoy the game? Is...
  20. cthulhusquid

    Weird bug with Hime Instance Items and Selchar's Equip Repair Scene

    I found a very weird, and game breaking bug with Hime's Instance Items and Selchar's Equip Repair Scene. When I load up a save game and equip a weapon, that weapon completely disappears, and I can't equip any weapons I got in the previous save. Any weapons I buy or find in that save can be...

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