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  1. CyberForte

    How do you manage Magi as general?

    @fireflyege Haha, it does seem like we have pretty similar thought processes. In my case, the advantage of casting a fire spell on an already burning target is to possibly stack it higher, or extend it in the case of Fireburst. That said, I do have something along the lines of your flammability...
  2. CyberForte

    How do you manage Magi as general?

    There are a lot of interesting aspects of designing mage characters, and I find some of the ideas suggested here quite fascinating, especially the thought of a skill that changes its effect with repeated uses. That sort of building combo can be pretty satisfying, and I might actually consider...
  3. CyberForte

    Thinking about the Paradigm for Defensive Actors

    Speaking as someone who mains the tank role in MMOs, creating interesting defensive characters is something that's important to me, and I have a few thoughts on the matter that I don't think I've seen posted here yet. The game I'm working on has several possible tanks, each of them taking a...

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