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  1. Mikemuk01

    White background in a tileset

    I have a tileset in which the background to some tiles shows as transparent in Photoshop but which shows as solid white when I use it in VX Ace. This makes the tiles unusable. How can I make the background show as transparent?
  2. Mikemuk01

    applying changes to the database

    The apply button at the bottom of the database screen is below the bottom of my monitor screen so I can’t apply any changes I make. I can move the panel up slightly by clicking and dragging at the top of the database panel but it moves back down again when I release the mouse button. Is there...
  3. Mikemuk01

    Overwritten tileset

    I have stupidly managed to overwrite and ruin Exterior Tileset A while trying to import some new tiles. Is there any way I can reload Tileset A to its original form?
  4. Mikemuk01

    Battle System Messages

    Can anyone tell me how I can amend some of the battle system messages such as 'slime emerged' or '10g found'?
  5. Mikemuk01

    Detaching a party member

    my player is rounding up missing sheep. When he approaches one it is added to the party and then follows the player to the sheep pen. I want it to be detached from the party and left behind when the player goes in search of the next sheep but I can’t make this work. I have an event just inside...
  6. Mikemuk01

    Counting steps

    I'm sure there will be a simple answer to this problem, but I can't find it.  I want my player to accept a task from an NPC, which he will then start.  If he hasn't completed it within 100 steps he will be told by the NPC that someone else has done the job.  I know that steps are recorded...
  7. Mikemuk01

    Arc Engine

    I have downloaded the Arc Engine and installed it in VX Ace but cannot figure out how to make it work.  Where is the Arc Menu?  What and where is the Physics Engine?  I want to make a side scrolling platformer similar to the demo that comes with the Arc Engine, but haven't been able to even...

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