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  1. Conditional branch doing both things

    I have made a slider game where you have to stop a slider over the max button But i'm having trouble with the conditional branch that decides if you stopped it in the correct place.  If you stop it correctly the pull slider should move faster but if you don't you hear a buzzer and take 20...
  2. What is the correct script

    I'm trying to use a script to check if my event comes into contact with a particular region. region 6, and if it does i'm going to have it move faster.  This is what i have so far but it is not doing anything when i click on it with the action button. I tried typing 6 after the words...
  3. correct event not showing for map

    So I have a house map which appears on maps 3,7 and 13 of my game.  On maps 3 and 7 the phone event says the same thing and on map 13 As you can see they are not activating each other and no switch activates them, but on map 13 i always get the text from map 3 or 7, so can go no...
  4. Help Getting Sprite to Work

    Hi I love this wolf and wanted to use him as an NPC in my game but when i saved the image into the character folder, the event image only selects a tiny portion. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  5. Switch not activating

    This is the event that is supposed to turn the switch on This is the event, a character that was in the party is now supposed to appear as an NPC and walk around If it is set to parallel or autorun trigger the image of the character appears in the game at the start of the level but...

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