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  1. Save Points are for sissies

    save-points aren't inherently good or bad and your idea could very well work out, but you need to think first. exactly how is this going affect gameplay? can the player lose because of something completely out of their control (random crit, pure RNG BS, etc)? will any part of the dungeons...
  2. Violent Whispers [Beta Version 0.4]

    gave your demo a shot last night, but I have no clue where to go in the forest lol. just kinda wandered around there for 15 minutes. there was something about fixing the teleporters? mind giving some help with that?
  3. my finals start tomorrow qq

    my finals start tomorrow qq
  4. Oneirophrenia

    this is pretty interesting. good work, man.
  5. A Reason for Magic, SR 2.0 w/rtp

    hey, I downloaded your game and was giving it a run a few days ago, but I'm not sure what I should do at this point: I probably missed something during the dialogue, haha.
  6. Game & Map Screenshots

    that's an interesting city snippet you've got there. I'd love to see more of the map when available. the placement of the purple roofset is kinda throwing me off though, haha.
  7. Epoch de Valeria: Transcendent Wings! [Version 1.3i] [Soundtrack Demo Available!]

    yeah, I think that's less strenuous on a first glance. Szirdrei sounds like it'll be an interesting place with a name like that, haha.
  8. Epoch de Valeria: Transcendent Wings! [Version 1.3i] [Soundtrack Demo Available!]

    the name "Akyldachtnia" does sound a bit too fancy to me, but I personally didn't find it that difficult to pronounce (got it right before reading your phonetic example :P ). I have no clue how to pronounce the first part of Eiuxaria though. point definitely still stands though: names that are...
  9. oh shi-

    oh shi-
  10. RMVXA Linus: The Forgotten Days

    I loved the atmosphere and writing of the old version, so I am mad hype for this one. /follow
  11. MMO-like Party Building

    personally, I don't care too much for the idea of a character being limited to only his/her specialty. in MMOs and all, yeah, that's cool. the interactions between each party member and their individual performance skill/execution is a welcomed experience. in a single-player game though, I'd...
  12. What are you working on?

    tweaking the battle system, and trying to come up with some interesting character-specific passives to add a little more depth to their core play-styles.
  13. When every battle is like a boss battle...

    I'm fine with the majority of random encounters having straight-up murderers, but I don't think a lot of people want to play a game where each random fight requires a mini-analysis, several minutes worth of your time, and possibly just dumb luck. if the battles aren't very common though, then...
  14. Game & Map Screenshots

    a stream would be a nice substitute for the cliff, I think. made my first attempt at a "parallax map." I didn't try anything too complicated though qq just some very minor additions
  15. The Token Healer

    I don't really like the "frail, shy staff healer" trope. just seems boring unless the character stands out in some sort of way, which doesn't happen very often. melee healers are awesome. ones that you never use your heals unless 100% necessary, instead of being able to just waste a turn...
  16. Art styles: Eastern or Western

    I'm a fan of "dark and gritty" when it is executed well; it really does bring out a sense of seriousness in your game if that's what you're looking for imo. for example, I'd probably take a hardcore war-themed RPG much seriously if the art-style managed to reflect it instead of having extremely...
  17. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (2012)

    that sounds great. I definitely approve of not using the random-generator, since that thing is just...well, bad. more story-line based worlds sound awesome, too. I hope you meet your goals for this remake!
  18. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (2012)

    I have spent like 600 hours+ on DW2:TA, so this has immediately piqued my interest lol I'll be looking forward to see how closely you stick to the original with all of the numerous features like breeding, skill combining, recruiting, magic key worlds, etc. etc.
  19. np man. needless to say, I'll definitely be keeping my eye on your project in the future.

    np man. needless to say, I'll definitely be keeping my eye on your project in the future.
  20. Deceit x Justice (Demo now up!)

    okay, finished it up! t'was a fun ride. I liked the writing and the story (especially the idea behind geas and stuff) for the most part. only thing that bothered me about the characters was how..."righteous" Rash would act from time to time, but you made it clear that that's just how thinks...

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