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  1. divinexremembrance

    Image Loading Failure?

    Hello there, I'm currently making a game using RPG Maker MV, and this is an error that's been happening more... So, for context, a character's image is made (whether its a sprite I commissioned or otherwise). I've decided to make the character's images all in one picture for the 8 character...
  2. divinexremembrance

    Journal Plugin

    I know I'm not the only one who asks about this of course, but the journal plugin I'm looking for is pretty extensive. It would have categories for things such as: Story Side Quests Characters Bestiary Image Gallery Story would be some kind of layout with text, explaining...
  3. divinexremembrance

    Mega Death/InstaKill Moves?

    So I'm programming my game and I'm going over some skills that I want to include. If you're familiar with Final Fantasy X, the infamous "Yunalesca" battle half way, during the last phase, she casts a spell called "Mega Death" The move does what it says; it inflicts death on all party members...

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