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  1. SloppyJoeStudios

    Why does my windows look like this?

    How can I make the purple become the same color as the beige? Have tried changing color palettes in window.png and also fibbled with plugin colors. Can't find it. Help anyone? :)
  2. SloppyJoeStudios

    My actor returns to Alive animation when next round starts even if state is dead

    Hello! I wonder why my actor in sideview returns from death animation to idle once I hit fight the 2nd round in battle? I've tried turning on and off plugins and can't find what happens. Here's a list of my plugins below: EDIT: This can be marked as solved. Appearently when I was changing...
  3. SloppyJoeStudios

    Menu text not showing SRD Stat Distribute Text

    Hello! How do I get to show the text of the scene "Distribute" in my menu? It works when I click on it and no plugin errors but the text is invisible. See pics below. EDIT: This can be closed. I missed out on the: '' for 'Distribute'.
  4. SloppyJoeStudios

    Options text in menu not visible.. Help? <3

    Hello! I recently converted my old game from VXAce to MV and the only thing I don't undertand is why the Options Text is not visible in the start menu OR the menu while in game? If I press it, it works but the text is hidden. Any suggestion of what I can do? I am no coder so please me gentle in...
  5. SloppyJoeStudios

    RMMV 2-4 Player Plugin RPGM MV

    Hello! I'm in need of a 2-4 player plugin for RPG Maker MV and I have tried ocram and alpha NET but they were too complicated. (Or I was just too stupid). I have been working with RPG Maker since 2010 so I know the engine I guess but not coding. With that said. The plugin I look for should have...
  6. SloppyJoeStudios

    Bigger SV actors in sideview battles

    Hi! I've spent two days trying to figure out what is wrong when I can't get my actors bigger in side view mode. Using Yanfly battle plugin and the core and some other scripts. When I resize my graphics of my sv actors they still remain the same size in battle as if I've not enlarged them. I...
  7. SloppyJoeStudios

    SAS IV - Enemies' skills activate objects such as buttons? HOW?

    Hello! Is it possible to make enemies' skills able to hit switches that are set as objects so that they get activated? Like as if you have to lure enemies to shoot their fireball for example to hit an unreachable button. Hope someone can help me. <3 (rpg maker vx ace)
  8. SloppyJoeStudios

    Player damage while moving

    I've a little problem I'd like to get some help with. Is it possible to take damage from an enemy by player touch or event touch when already in motion by another event? It's hard to explain but I'll try. The player steps on an event which makes the player move 5 squares on the map. on...

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