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  1. ClamPearl

    [RMMV] Tried to make my game look crispier, turns out my sprite gets deformed.

    I tried using 1296x720 resolution, still doesn't work.
  2. ClamPearl

    [RMMV] Tried to make my game look crispier, turns out my sprite gets deformed.

    Hello I'm making a game with a 1280x720 resolution (making it larger makes the sprites looks smaller which is a problem). So I tried to use this method ( and yes it works but my sprite looks like a deformed alien. Is...
  3. ClamPearl

    How do you guys credit Kadokawa for the resources?

    Do you guys put it in notepad?
  4. ClamPearl

    Announcement RPG Maker MV KADOKAWA Freebies 2019!

    Hello Is it really free? I mean we can use it for non-commercial and commercial?
  5. ClamPearl


    Hello I am ClamPearl, currently using RMMV. I started making RPG a year ago and wanted to share my thoughts about my future RPG games. I also joined here to hear your opinions and feelings about my game in development and to improve myself. It's nice to meet you. I'm particularly interested in...
  6. ClamPearl

    Is it ok to use other game sprite as reference. (I mean legally)

    I am actually new in RPG MAKER and wanted to try to make a game. So im using Ib Sprite as a reference to my character. Is it ok? (this is my first thread btw)

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