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  1. PippeRPG

    problem with yanfly engine visual battle

    i was working on a earthbound styled engine, i put an npc to fight, when i enter on battle I saw this text saying: "Script "Yanfly Engine Ace - Visual Battlers v1.0" line 296: TypeError occurred. nil can't be coerced into Fixnum" then, i tried to go on the line and i saw this...
  2. PippeRPG

    looking for earthbound mechanics for rpg maker 2003

    hi im looking for earthbound mechanics in rpg maker 2003 can someone find it pls?
  3. PippeRPG

    looking for an earthbound styled menu system

    hi i'm new at rpg maker, can someone find me an earthbound styled menu system pls
  4. PippeRPG

    FP Inventory System

    can you rewrite the script and sent me to a new link? for mediafire for some example

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