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    HI everyone, I am sorry in advance if this is not the right place to post my question as this is my first time on the site, but when trying to run my game I currently receive the error message : Failed to load extension from: . Manifest file is missing or unreadable. I have no technical...

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Firefox pointed me to a little inspiration:

So, I shared. :D
To be released 2021/10/21
Now that I made this "What the MZ RTP is missing" spreadsheet it's itching me to fill some the gaps D:
Aaaaand I completely forgot about the RMMV Chicken Rave my brother decided to implement in a parody of my VERY FIRST UNFINISHED project. We could not escape the chicken rave... The chickens would block the ladder...
I love how I can look up a problem I'm having with my game, find a post from like six years ago that addresses the issue, and the solution provided still works in RPG Maker.
It's times like those that my life feels really easy XD

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