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  1. OldIrishMN

    Let's Review Games! Community Event

    Neat. I'll try to do a few of these before this event ends... seems like a useful learning experience. I posted my first review, for FRIEND:
  2. OldIrishMN

    Friend (A short game) v 2.0 - New Version

    Hello, CzarSquid! I played FRIEND all the way through last night, and my report card is going to be mostly positive! LIKES • The stylization is really well done. The stark visual minimalism naturally makes the player focus more on the atmosphere and the mystery... I for one have no desire to...
  3. OldIrishMN

    The Joy of Quest

    Wow! Thank you, Chester and Starcrescendo. This is SO useful. Starcrescendo: I'm extremely chuffed to see a LP video for my game; thank you so much for your time and trouble! I was almost biting my nails, watching you come close to discovering this or that secret, or solving this or that...
  4. OldIrishMN


    Interesting question... in my case, I'd say it's twofold. First, I'm new to RPGMaker and the community, and I had no expectations coming in... so I'm experiencing a sort of deer-in-headlights sensation at seeing the complexity and the visual sophistication of what so many people have...
  5. OldIrishMN

    Saying hello!

    Yeah... I did BASIC programming in middle school (on the Apple II, back when dinosaurs walked the earth), some LPMud coding around the turn of the century, a lot of HTML, and a lot of database construction with Filemaker... so I have a pretty solid grasp of sifting through tables, databases...
  6. OldIrishMN

    Saying hello!

    Hello, everyone-- I'm a first-time poster and a relatively new user of VX Ace (I've owned a copy for a few weeks now). I've pondered game-making for years now, and even taught myself rudiments of Python for that purpose, but I've come to the conclusion that acceptable programming skills are...
  7. OldIrishMN

    The Joy of Quest

    THE JOY OF QUEST --------------------------- Uncounted miles and unknown years stretched behind the wanderer on the day they came to Seaside Town. The journey had been quiet, the roads safe. The wanderer's skills with blade and spell had slipped into welcome disuse. The sleepy coastal...

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