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  1. Sopo201

    How to remove everything in "equipment".

    All you need to do is comment out a specific line in the Window_MenuCommand script in the script editor: This will completely remove the "Equipment" option in your menu. I hope this is what you were looking for!
  2. Sopo201

    Help with enemy transformation

    I'm not sure why unchecking that made it work for you. Mine worked with it both checked and unchecked. Could you please post a screenshot of your state and troop settings?
  3. Sopo201

    Help with enemy transformation

    I'm not sure if this is exactly what you want, but I managed to get something working. I duplicated the enemy I wanted minimized and resized its sprite in an image editor. Then in the Troops tab, I did this: If you wanted this for more than one enemy, you'd need multiple "mini" versions of them...
  4. Sopo201

    Cutscene issues

    Oh, I see. The 17x13 number at the bottom is actually the number of tiles the map is. One tile in MV is 48x48 pixels, so by making your image 17x13 pixels it'll end up being smaller than a tile. Try remaking your image to be 816x624 and see if that helps. :)
  5. Sopo201

    How to use an item to trigger an event

    In the common event, you'd use the "Control Variables" command, which will bring up a new window. To make a new variable and set it to something (in my example, we'll set it to the player's current X position), start by clicking the box that says "0001". You can then choose any slot you'd like...
  6. Sopo201

    Cutscene issues

    I might be interpreting this wrong, but I’m assuming you made a custom image that you want displayed on screen like a cutscene image, right? If that’s the case, the size of the art needs to be whatever resolution you have your game set to (default for MV is 816x624). Anything bigger than your...
  7. Sopo201

    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    You had me at “preview move route”
  8. Sopo201

    Is transforming an enemy multiple times possible?

    The "Enemy Transform" command seems to be what you need.
  9. Sopo201

    Need Help on level restriction

    This is how I would do it: For this example, I made it so that the player had to be at least level 10 to get through. Hope this helps!
  10. Sopo201

    Delivery quest help.

    What I would do in this situation would be as soon as you deliver the item to the recipient, turn on a switch. Then, go to the quest giver and give them a conditional branch to check whether or not that switch is on. If it is, give the reward. Hope this helps! :)
  11. Sopo201

    Adding Graphical Assets to the Generator

    Windows Default Root is: Program Files (x86)/KADOKAWA/RPGMV
  12. Sopo201

    Custom Message when Certain State is Applied?

    Awesome, this works perfectly!
  13. Sopo201

    Custom Message when Certain State is Applied?

    Bump Does anyone have a script for this? I still really need it. Thanks :)
  14. Sopo201

    Custom Message when Certain State is Applied?

    I already have the permadeath state all set up and working. Using Recover shows the statement "<Actor 1> took no damage!", and Raise shows no message whatsoever.(Both do not heal the actor, which I want) I would prefer if the game said something more along the lines of "Nothing happened!" So...
  15. Sopo201

    Custom Message when Certain State is Applied?

    That's fine, it can be in a script. As long as it works, I'll be happy!  :)
  16. Sopo201

    Custom Message when Certain State is Applied?

    In my game, during the final boss, one of the party members falls into a perma-death state, so he can't be healed or anything. So, is there a way I could have a message display saying something like "Nothing happened!" when (at the top left, not in a text box) the Raise skill is used? Thanks!
  17. Sopo201

    Actor and Follower Graphics not Changing with Formation

    Thank you, worked perfectly!
  18. Sopo201

    Actor and Follower Graphics not Changing with Formation

    In my game, Actor A is the main character, so I want him to be leading the party. At one point, Actor A is removed temporarily and so Actor B leads the party. When I try to re-add Actor A, Actor B always leads the party, even if I switch them using formation. How do I get them to be in the order...
  19. Sopo201

    How can I remove events from other events?

    If the title doesn't make sense, let me explain... If my characters trigger an event, I want some other events to disappear. For example, in my game, the characters need to talk to some people who run away if they don't have a certain item. I'm using conditional branches, but there's nothing...

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