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  1. Gameus' Quest System

    I was wonder is it possible to change the category of the quest? Instead of cluttering up my normal categories I was hoping to make a "Completed" category that I would move all finished quests into. I tried: $gameQuests.get(1).cat = "Completed" Doesn't seem to be able to change to...
  2. Crazy Crab's MV Apocalypse

    Some really nice stuff there, much better than my attempts at edits.  Thanks a ton
  3. Is it possible to make a movie clip repeat smoothy

    So in order to try to save file size I have made a small movie clip that I would like to repeat smooth x or infinite (until keypress) times.  I have attempted to use loop with play movie and wait, but it never works out perfectly and there is always clipping where the movie stops playing for a...
  4. Smaller battle screen than game screen?

    I've been looking around at the various plugins, but not seeing anything regard this so I thought I'll ask... Is it possible to have the battle screen smaller than the game  window screen? I have my game screen running at 1440x900 which looks fine for most things, except battle screen were...
  5. Replacing colors in generator. Modifying hair color, skin color, etc

    Just started playing around with the generator when I noticed I couldn't make red haired characters, only pink. Dug around quickly and found Program Files (x86)\KADOKAWA\RPGMV\Generator\gradients.png While you can't seem to add new color gradients you can do replacements. Takes a few seconds...

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