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  1. Barreled_Ducky

    2000 Troops seem not enough | Possible to Have more Troops?

    Hello, thanks for the quick supplies. I was actually just worried that it might not be enough because of the Point "bgillisp" made in his answer of having to distinguish the encounters for not fighting the same enemy twice in every battle, but maybe once, and sometimes three times. But the...
  2. Barreled_Ducky

    2000 Troops seem not enough | Possible to Have more Troops?

    Hello fellow Game Makers. Im currently working on a pretty big Game with the RPG Maker MV Engine. I looked into the Enemy Database's of several Games, like Final Fantasy, or the Mother Series (Earthbound/Mother 3), and i saw, that they have A LOT of different enemies. I also have a lot of...

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