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  1. paulcimmino

    RMMV Possible plugin <-> troop events conflict

    I grabbed a bunch of Yanfly plugins when they were still free, but I’m really considering to purchase the whole bundle. Base Troop Events won’t do in my case, I want to set the variable to a different value for each troop. Thanks :thumbsup-left: I think this thread can be closed.
  2. paulcimmino

    RMMV Possible plugin <-> troop events conflict

    I found the source of the problem, it's related to how VE_ActiveTimeBattle turn count works: I don't know if Victor Sant is still working on this. Maybe I'll just switch back to the standard turn system. Thanks again!
  3. paulcimmino

    RMMV Possible plugin <-> troop events conflict

    I fixed the plugin order but it still didn't work. I disabled all the battle-related plugins and... it worked. There's definitely a conflict somewhere, I'll try to turn the plugins back on (one by one) to debug this more. Thank you kindly for the help :LZSsmile: EDIT: forgot to say that I...
  4. paulcimmino

    RMMV Possible plugin <-> troop events conflict

    Hello people! I'm new around here, so I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong section. I started making my game a few months ago; so far so good, I have almost everything I wanted to put in this project. In terms of game mechanics, the last thing I would like to add is what is known as...
  5. paulcimmino

    Hello makers!

    Hello makers! My name is paulcimmino and I'm from Italy. I've been lurking this forum for a long time and finally decided to join! Just moved to RMMV so expect soon a post from me begging for help :guffaw: See you all :rock-left: :rock-right: P.S. Turn-based RPGs addicted, tell me your...

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