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  1. Bone

    RMMV Metal Tamers: A Somber Monster Catching Game(Demo)

    Pokemon and Pokemon like games seem to take place in what appears to be highly functioning socialist nations. Free healthcare for your monsters, children are given Pokemons at a certain age, the professors are not privately funded and thus their research is aimed at the overall benefit of their...
  2. Bone

    RPG related Video Essay or Reviews

    I always enjoy a good video essay or film review that breaks down a movie or show into what makes them great, they are informative and educational. So any you'd recommend for RPGs? Example

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Been sick with a stomach virus for seven days now. Not going to work tomorrow because I'm still contagious according to my doctor.
Much as I love my job, I really hate playing "office politics". It would be nice if I didn't have to pretend to be someone else all day long.
I wanna get back into showing off Battlers and other assets I create again. But i'm always haunted by the "It's not good/realistic enough" voices that keep me from doing so.

Maybe I should get back to it, I did enjoy showing off whatever I came up with!
Big Google Warning Today for chrome users - apparently some kind of security threat has happened and everyone is being advised to update their Chrome browser ASAP by going to settings and/or "About Google Chrome", to update their browser version to a new one just released.

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