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  1. Emoonia

    Airship tileset for MV

    Awesome job! Thank you for sharing this :)
  2. Emoonia

    { aqua's RTP edits }

    The trees, the road and the fountain are beyond perfection. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tiles!
  3. Emoonia

    Snowy roof

    Hi guys, long time no see ;) I couldn't find snow-covered roofs for MV and I'm in desperate need of them. So I decided to make it myself. It's far from perfect but perhaps someone will find it useful. I used standard RTP roof as a template and wonderful slanted version made by Lupinos. Feel free...
  4. Emoonia

    The most annoying RPG concept.....

    For me the most annoying thing in new RPGs is the difficult with obtaining ultimate weapons. It should be challenging and not easy, I agree. But it's very frustrating when you try to get very important component which comes only from the battle with most difficult enemy in the whole game... and...

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