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    Credits + Career Question

    hello! i hope im posting this in the right board. i intend to release my game commercially; this, in itself, does not raise any issues. however, i am somewhat caught between security and career opportunities. though i love making indie games, i also intend to follow a career path in the...

    Help making a collectible "database"?

    hi! so, im using the term database somewhat loosely here in the title. with my main protag being an artist, my game is intended to have a "sketchbook" feature - as and when you encounter/fight characters, your "sketchbook" updates with information on said character. the sketchbook is just a...

    Disabling a skill being used on a specific actor

    yeah, thats totally fair, haha. in that case, ill see about putting the money aside when i next get paid, because its definitely the best option. do you happen to know how much the VAT is on the plugin pack? all i can see is "+ VAT" and im not really familiar with how american VAT prices work...

    Disabling a skill being used on a specific actor

    i do have yanfly plugins, however unfortunately im currently only able to get the free starter pack. this would definitely be the ideal method, but are there any other ways i could go about achieving a similar effect?

    Disabling a skill being used on a specific actor

    hi! in my game presently, i have an actor with a skill that heals an ally by 25% (of max HP), at the expense of losing 15% of her own max HP. however, she can currently use this skill on herself, which causes a HP boost of 10%. how do i make it so that she can't use this skill on herself...

    Can't Attack In Battle

    i went and manually turned all my plugins on and off individually just now, and it seems the issue is being caused by YEP_CoreEngine, as when i only turn that off everything else works fine. the only instance of editing the source code was to remove the first two listings in the options menu (it...

    Can't Attack In Battle

    yes, the entire skills tab was completely reset to default settings. i copied the data files for it from a new project into my current projects data folder i also tested it on a fresh project, and everything works as it should in that, so evidently its human error somewhere down the line. i...

    Can't Attack In Battle

    hi! sorry, im aware that theres a few posts on this subject under a quick google search, and that its also most likely a noob issue - however, after countless hours scouring, i still havent found a solution thats working for me, and its honestly been doing my nut in for a few days in battles...

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