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  1. JeremyDoesSS

    [RMMV] Event box limit?

    as of now, I've changed it to be If day = 3 (with everyday being 2 hours without sleeping) end the demo. This cannot be bypassed without breaking the game entirely, and any future/hidden content isn't in the files.
  2. JeremyDoesSS

    [RMMV] Event box limit?

    Thanks, but as I said before, I’ve already improved the demo end triggers.
  3. JeremyDoesSS

    [RMMV] Event box limit?

    Thanks, but this isn’t exactly what I’m asking for, I want to know how many commands I can put onto the page. Your solution wouldn’t help if the line limit was under 1440. Even then, I’ve changed my demo system, since i’ve realized you could abuse the system pretty easy (in a way that applies...
  4. JeremyDoesSS

    [RMMV] Event box limit?

    the event system is controlled by commands, right? What I'm asking is how many commands you can fit into a single event page.
  5. JeremyDoesSS

    [RMMV] Event box limit?

    Hello there. I am currently developing a demo for my game in which the player can play for roughly 6 hours. The way I am accomplishing this is by having 1440 lines in the event box, each counting down 900 frames. Since I'm human, I am not counting every line to make sure I have enough to go...

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